May 10

Have you driven a Ford lately?

Have you driven a Ford lately?

The Benson Ford was originally a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company. The interior was designed by Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison was a passenger. From the time it was built in 1924, the boat was used to transport coal and iron ore across the American Great Lakes. After being decommissioned in 1981 it was left to rust for four years before the front part of the ship was removed and perched on top of the 18-foot cliff shown below to serve as a really lovely home.

ford ship house
The ship’s forecastle was removed, and then that portion of the boat was positioned on a great piece of waterfront property, with its bow extending out over Lake Erie for a water-going effect, and then used by its owner as a vacation home.


The ship still contains the beautiful wood-paneled state rooms, dining room and lounge designed by Henry Ford.

The four-deck, 7,000 square foot getaway home is made out of the ship’s forecastle, and includes the walnut paneled state rooms, dining room, galley, and passenger lounge designed by Henry Ford for his own personal use while on board.

The ship-house was originally owned by Frank J. Sullivan, but after trying and failing to turn it into a hotel in 1992, Sullivan eventually auctioned the building to father and son, Jerry and Bryan Kaspar, who still enjoy relaxing there while taking time off from work.

It has now been modernized with a garage, a game room, a bar, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and four bathrooms. The 90-year-old US cargo ship is beautiful, as she sits there looking out over her former waterway.


Don’t look down — visitors may need a head for heights if they take a tour out onto the bow of the boat, and see the water way down below.
image77The four-story, 7,000 sq ft home has maintained the historic and beautiful interior, which has been updated with modern technologies.


Bryan Kaspar  said, ‘Everyone who sees our home from the outside, is intrigued  to look inside.   And, I think  everyone who sees this beauty, is amazed at the gorgeous  woodwork throughout our beautiful ship  home.


This  impressive getaway is large, as it includes five bedrooms, four  bathrooms, a captain’s office and living room with panoramic  views out across Lake Erie.

“I love the deck on the fourth floor. It’s a great place to enjoy a cocktail  overlooking the lake and the nearby cliffs, and to watch the sunsets is amazing from there.” Videographer Nick James, who conducts tours of the home, said, ‘The most incredible part is standing at the helm with the way the boat hangs over the cliff. It  actually feels like you are out on the open water.’ I love the history that remains all around the Benson Ford.  In the  parlor, you can just imagine Thomas Edison and Henry Ford  sitting there puffing on their cigars.’ When you’re there, it  feels as though you are stepping back in time, and that those  two famed gentlemen could appear at any moment.’ An incredible  beauty of a long-ago ship, still available for water lovers to  see.



Apr 26

Kevin Annett: The Birth of a New Era: The End of Papal Authority and Corporatism, and the Rise of a new Common Law Covenant

A Revolution is Launched in Maastricht, Holland

Rev. Kevin Annett

An ITCCS Exclusive Report – Friday, April 25, 2014 (2 pm GMT)
Issued through the Common Law News Service (CNS)

Maastricht and Rome:

Last Easter Sunday, in an action akin to Martin Luther’s posting of his Ninety Five Theses, a lone figure placed a Proclamation on the door of the oldest catholic church outside of Italy, and announced the end of an era and the birth of another.

Like Luther, Kevin Annett is a renegade clergyman who is caught in a life and death struggle with the oldest corporation on our planet: the church of Rome. But unlike the defrocked monk, Annett represents a movement aiming to not reform that church, but abolish it entirely because of its “irredeemable criminal nature”.
And that abolition was announced this past Sunday.

The manifesto posted by Kevin Annett on the door of St. Martin’s catholic church is called the Maastricht Proclamation, and invokes both international law and the “law of heaven” to declare the legal and spiritual abolition of the Church of Rome. The Proclamation effectively nullifies the authority of the Roman Catholic church under the very laws and legitimacy by which the latter claims to operate. (see, April 20, 2014)
But the repercussions of Reverend Annett’s action go far beyond Rome.

Interviewed today in Spain, where he is meeting with eyewitnesses to Vatican crimes, Annett comments,

“The modern Vatican is really the creation of Italian Fascism, whose Lateran Treaty in 1929 established the modern corporation called the roman catholic church: a de facto but legally fictitious and criminal body. In turn, that criminal syndicate helped spawn the horrors of the modern corporatist era, starting with Nazi Germany and leading to the present global New World Order. So by legally and spiritually disestablishing the Church of Rome, we are also dismantling that corporatist Order and all of the de facto, tyrannical authorities in the world, whether they be corporations, governments, or private courts.

“In other words, the Maastricht Proclamation is really a call to arms to all people to re-establish lawful de jure society across our planet, under the supremacy of the divine law of equality and peace: what we know as the Common Law.”

In effect, what began in Rome on a bleak February day in 1929 ended last Easter Sunday, when the terms by which the Vatican operates as an overt criminal syndicate were lawfully negated under the terms of International Law. So while the church may continue to function as a de facto power, it does so as a rogue criminal body with no authority, and no right to its own property, wealth or laws.

What does this new step mean for the twenty year campaign by Kevin Annett to expose and stop the murder and trafficking of children?

“It’s a whole new ball game now” says Annett. “This isn’t about trying to hold a dying system accountable anymore, but about creating a whole new world through a new Covenant.

“Once we put church and state on trial, we really declared war on the entire system. And like Napolean once said, whoever makes a revolution half way is just digging their own grave. So now we need not just our own peace officers to enforce our Common Law court verdicts; we need to mobilize humanity to take back our world and the law from the criminals who are destroying us and our children’s future. And to do that, we need to re-contract all our relationships.

“So in truth, there are no more lawful authorities anymore, and we owe none of them allegiance. We need to remake such authority from the ground up, from among ourselves. That’s why we call it the New Covenant. And that’s what we’ve begun, with the Maastricht Proclamation.”

This new Covenanting movement has two fronts, one legal, the other spiritual. Annett calls these fronts the “two arms of liberation”.

“Humanity is sick and dying, from the inside out, because we have forgotten our innate sovereignty and our bond with creation and the Creator. Nobody can mediate or create that bond for another, and justice is an empty shell without the personal capacity to be a just and virtuous man or woman. Benjamin Franklin said that only a virtuous people could be self-governing, for with personal corruption always comes political tyranny. So the new Covenant recognizes itself as both a new law and a new spirit, one supporting and feeding the other.”

In the wake of the Maastricht Proclamation, this re-covenanting movement,The Covenanters, is working actively to establish both common law courts and self-governing communities on the land that have declared their independence from existing authorities. As the seed of a new world, the Covenanters are working now in twenty one countries alongside the International Common Law Court of Justice and its Tribunal sponsor, the ITCCS.

As for Kevin Annett, he is clearly a happy man.

“It’s been a long night, but it’s always good to see the day break”.

Apr 19

Dutchsinse: 4/19/2014 — Multiple 7.0M+ events — Major Earthquake unrest showing Globally – BE PREPARED


Published on Apr 19, 2014

In the past 30 days, we’ve seen NINETEEN 6.0M+ earthquakes… SEVEN 7.0M+ earthquakes… and TWO 8.0M+ events (with tsunami warnings issued for each).

EXCESSIVE earthquake movement taking place over the past 3 weeks, internationally, and nationally in the US.

In the past 7 days we’ve seen FIVE 6.0M+ earthquakes, and THREE 7.0M+ earthquakes. This is something we need to be watching intently.


Watch the April 15th earthquake update video here:…


In the same time frame, multiple volcanic eruptions in Central America, and South America.. as well as plume events from Oil / Gas wells, and dormant volcanoes in the USA.

Also, heavy swarm activity in the Western Yellowstone Supervolcano magma chamber, and now movement in Southern California. 5.0M event near Puerto Rico as well.

Plumes in the USA here:……

Apr 12

Recap: Patriots Confront BLM & Show How to Take Country Back . . . and a Happy Note from ~Jean :)

Recap: Patriots Confront BLM & Show How to Take Country Back  . . . and a Happy Note from ~Jean :)

Posted on April 12, 2014by 

I made the  following comment — now edited — to a reader, Graham, who left a link to the Bundy Family, which shows there might actually be a distant relationship to this old Illuminati  Family. Because I am sooo happy tonight, I want to share it with you all what I am now thinking:

JeanI’m wondering now if this was a set up that didn’t work out, one that included all the same kinds of Illuminati symbols that were used in Sandy Hook, i.e.,  Bunkerville (Bunker Hill in Boston in our Revolution here – the perhaps remote connection to the Bundy family, an Illuminati Family, and so on).

It seems likely to me that these people, whom I think are good people, were people the diabolical cabal attempted to use.

If we as a nation had given up our guns, I think there would have been no stopping BLM.

They tried this out here today to see how we would respond, and in my opinion they clearly lost! In fact, I think it is now obvious that they lost the whole ball game! I think we’re close to checkmate.

I didn’t know how this war was going to be won peacefully, but I always believed it would happen that way. It seems to me that today it already did happen. Because of the way these men/women handled themselves, a peaceful ending is now locked in and already in sight. My deepest thanks go out to all of them.

The GREAT THING for me personally is to know these people had their guns — and very likely would have used them should it have been necessary. They, however, used wisdom instead, and consciously chose not to use them. If they had, right now we could be headed for martial law. I suspect this is what the cabal hoped to provoke.

I have always said we shouldn’t give up our guns. Our Founding Fathers apparently understood well their power of deterrence. I believe our militia members used them wisely today — as a deterrent.

Thank God!

I do believe now that we will take back our country peacefully: the example has been set! All we need to do is to mop up — and, yes, it may not be that simple, but I do believe it is going to be a lot more simple than many had previously thought. :)

April 12, 2014

Infowars reporter David Knight breaks down what happened during the standoff between the coward BLM and the American Patriots.

This article was posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 7:19 pm

Apr 11

4-11-2014 Bunkerville Standoff · Ruby Ridge Script Won’t Work

4-11-2014 Bunkerville Standoff · Ruby Ridge Script Won’t Work

Posted on April 11, 2014by 

Abel Danger Abel Danger·490 videos

Published on Apr 11, 2014

Abel Danger to Nevada: Stand Down – Domestic Tranquility Requested – Bureau of Land Management: $960,000,000 (FY2010 operating) 0ver-Reaching Bureaucracy – Stand Down Before Someone Gets Hurt or Killed – Noble Energy – Fracking…


Appreciate grass roots support

BREAKING: Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch…

Roy Potter – Bunkerville Update Confrontation Feds Use Dogs And Tasers…

Gary Larrabee – Live: Report From Bunkerville. Not Many Militia Yet, But Blackwater. Dressing Out In BLM Uniforms…

‘Expect To See A Band Of Soldiers’: Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch…


The BLM Southern Nevada Employee Directory

Contact these people and demand they stand down before someone gets hurt or killed:

Alexander, Cynthia GS1170 – Realty Specialist (702) 515-5122
Allen, Evan S GS1350 – Geologist (702) 515-5283
August, Katharine D GS0023 – Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5361
Brown, Lauren P GS0342 – Restoration Ecologist (702) 515-5295
Brownfield, Lewis F GS0301 – GIS Specialist (702) 515-5162
Browning, Vivian N GS1170 – Realty Specialist (702) 515-5013
Cannon, Kirsten GS1035 – Public Affairs Specialist (702) 515-5057
Carmichael, Charlotte J GS0018 – Safety and Occupational Health Specialist (702) 515-5192
Cason, Graham D GS0455 – Supvy Range Technician (702) 515-5135
Caudill, Dell WG5716 – Engineering Equip Oper Supervisor (702) 515-5257
Chatterton, M Ryan GS0343 – Management, Program Analyst (702) 515-5187
Chiger, Mark E GS0301 – Project Manager (775) 515-5166
Christ, Nancy B GS0028 – Planning and Environmental Coordinator (702) 515-5136
Christianson, Lisa T GS0028 – Environmental Protection Specialist (702) 515-5127
Christy, Wade D GS0023 – Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner (702) 515-5156
Collins, Sheila (Kathy) K GS0454 – Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5106
Cota, Melanie M GS0486 – Biologist (702) 515-5233
Cribbs, James H GS0025 – Park Ranger (702) 515-5365
Criste, Thomas R GS0303 – (Associate) Administrative Assistant (702) 515-5193
Cunningham, Keyonais L GS0404 – Biology Technician (702) 515-5047
Cunningham, Merchelle GS0303 – Mailroom/Management Assistant (702) 515-5255
Dabash, Alan T GS0455 – Supvy Range Technician (Fire) (702) 864-2176
Dalle, Robert A GS0801 – Maintenance Worker (702) 515-5061
Dickey, Dorothy J GS1170 – Realty Specialist (702) 515-5119
Dickey, Laverne W Park Ranger (Desert Education) (702) 515-5363

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Apr 04

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Global Accounts Under Attack – UPDATED Apr. 6th (Please read comments)

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Global Accounts Under Attack – The Keenan Team Is The Only Thing In Their Way, And We’re Not Going Anywhere

Posted on April 4, 2014by 

Neil Keenan and his Team and I have very, very serious differences; nevertheless, I still believe that Neil will be the person who releases the Global Accounts to the world. I am, therefore, publishing his most recent article. ~J

APRIL 4, 2014

PresSwissindoThe Keenan Team

It seems like many years ago we started this journey that some describe as going down the rabbit hole.  I have always referred to it as going down the yellow brick road because now we can finally and clearly see the city that hides the psychopathic criminals who call themselves the New World Order (NWO).

signThey want us to believe that they are human beings yet they don’t have natural human feelings – except that they do love to hate.  Facts bear the truth:  they live and thrive on inflicting torture, pain, disease and death on humanity and Earth’s creatures.  In order to perpetuate their malevolence, they have assembled themselves into one degenerate group aimed at acquiring the world’s finances.  They do not, and cannot, let go of their financial control of this world because it would mean their end.  Having illegally seized major assets from the Global Accounts twice, the NWO is attempting for a third time to hijack the Accounts.  Their ultimate plan for these finances is to fund another 60 years of war, strife and disease and bring the Earth’s population down to a controllable number of less than one billion slaves.

embraceBut on the other hand, we are in the control seat right here, right now.  Imagine how they would react if we all turned and stormed their bastilles?   They are now looking out of their fortress windows in fear, wondering when we are going to tear down their gates to get to them.  Yes, we are coming, and we will deal with them as they wished to deal with us.  The fewer of them, the fewer problems We The People have.  Count on us coming; and count on it being sooner than the next lousy motion picture flop about humanity’s destruction (Noah).

groupBe warned:  watch your back and watch your doors!  Remember the Cease & Desist that we fed you this past month?  The long list of your crimes against humanity is there for all to see.  The world knows exactly what you are doing, and we are here to stop your insanity!

Large groupThis past month the war has begun.  It may not have begun in earnest in the West, but the war against the theft of the Global Accounts and the world’s finances has started, and is at full speed ahead here in the East.

No idle threat:  Fire! – We beg you to burn.




Video Highlights:

  • Swissindo and OPPT have renewed their efforts to steal funds that are not theirs. Swissindo has falsely included in their worthless documents the names of people who have no involvement with them whatsoever to support their scam publicity stunt which took place in Hong Kong and Indonesia.  If their efforts were real it would be a case of the bad boys of the West merging with the bad boys of the East.
  • Recently two men were caught by the Vatican police with counterfeit bonds worth at least $3.1 trillion.  The thieves are known as Count Albert Zvonko Berdik (not our Count Albert!) and Owen Thomas Lennon, who both had UN diplomatic immunity status, and were attempting to open up a line of credit with the Vatican bank.  When their hotel room was searched, there were other counterfeit notes found along with stamps and seals used to make the forged notes.  Had they been successful, it would have added trillions more to the Vatican’s already overflowing coffers, thereby perpetuating and strengthening their crimes.
  • Connecting some of the dots:  Swissindo’s con game, the two men caught with fake bonds, families increasingly being approached to sign off on their accounts, George Soros most recent visit to Indonesia — these are all indicators pointing to the imminent release of the Global Accounts.
  • Our heartfelt condolences go out to Rick Light with the recent passing of his wife.  RIP Robin Light – may you watch over and guide our patriot Rick Light.

Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.

  1. Tim Smithe says:

    When I was new to the awakened life, I saw Neil as a hero.
    This is yet another reminder that we can’t hope that our savior is “some where out there.”
    We need to look inward for the truth, because WE are the help we have been waiting for. And I agree that we will do it, as a family, by raising our consciousness.
    I love you Jean and the point-of-view of your blog.
    -Tim the Chicago Furniture Maven

    • Jean says:

      Tim, it was extremely difficult for me to face this reality, but in the end, I guess I am a truth seeker – and I can tell you no matter how painful the truth is, it does set you free. . . Yes, WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for . . . and we will do it . . . I do believe this! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Doug says:

    Maybe we are too obsessed with gold. Whoever controls it makes the rules so to speak. Gold sits in a vault and unless it’s used to make electronics, caps for teeth, jewelry it’s pretty worthless from a utility point of view.

    If you think about it, value is people and what they can make and what they can do. It always amazed me you could have a group on some of the best land and they did very little with it and then you had a group of people on very poor land and they thrived.

    My ancestors were pioneers who came to the american west from Europe. They didn’t have much money and they relied on themselves and their community. They built wonderful irrigation systems, houses, farms, and churches in some unforgiving desert. They didn’t rely on a central bank or paper money. They bartered and produced much of what they used. They traded what they grew or made with wagon trains heading for California.

    I think some communities will actually survive and become stronger due to a currency crisis or even the power grid going down. Sadly some communities will probably fall into chaos where people turn on each other. Survival might depend on the quality of people in the community.

    Maybe this is the separation the scriptures talk about. Those who hold a higher frequency will separate from those who don’t because they no longer can tolerate the situation. I would say we just need to prepare on every level and be prepared to take care of ourselves and get into local groups that can work together. I don’t think anyone is going to fix the financial system. I don’t think gold is the magical answer.

    I have the feeling we are going to be going back to doing more physical work for awhile instead of pushing paper and sitting at a computer. Down the road it hopefully will result in a better life than we have now. That’s my hope. I just see it as god adding some chlorine to the gene pool. It’s going to run it’s course. All we can do is stay close to the creator with prayer and meditation, try and build better communities, and prepare physically.

    • Jean says:

      Doug, besides the fact that the cabal absolutely must control all the gold in order to maintain control over their sick fiat currency, which they are using to enslave humanity, gold is an incredible commodity and has many properties that most are generally not aware of. The human race was created as slaves to mine gold for another planet which was having similar problems to ours, and the idea was to put gold dust in the atmosphere to protect it . . . it also has incredible health enhancing properties. . . Do a little research, and I’m sure you will find the topic fascinating. We have been lied to about our ‘real’ history. . . and that is half our problem right now . . . we simply don’t know who we are or what our purpose is for being here. . . Think I’m crazy, then please check me out. . .


  3. GuyFox says:

    Thanks for posting the links to NK’s video, and allowing some discussion here. Comments in most places about Swissindo and OPPT seem to be tightly controlled, and it is very tough for genuine Truth Seeks to find a platform for discussion.
    Neil Keenan’s comment on SI and OPPT is attacking two very soft targets. But he does not do it with the most basic facts – the crazy SIZE of the accounts claimed by these two.
    If he used THE SIMPLE MATH in his attack, then some of his own claims may fall apart. That’s how I see it. Please give evidence contrary to this, if you have anything solid.

    • Jean says:

      I have nothing solid to say. If you have any real questions, you need to leave them at Neil’s site. I’m sure he’ll willingly answer them . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Doug says:

    I’ve been following the whole financial/geopolitical situation for several years. The disinformation right now seems to be at all time highs. All I can say is get into the heart and use your discernment. Trying to just use logic will just lead to confusion. How do you FEEL about the information?

    I have found if several people clear the noise and use true discernment regarding something, amazingly they usually come to similar if not the same conclusions.

  5. Kim says:

    With all the mis/dis information out there, I have a hard time discerning fact from fiction. Jean, I ran across your blog about 9 mo ago while on my “search” for truth. Somethings ring true in my soul and some don’t. I feel your blog and Neil are true. I can’t explain why I feel this but I do. About 4-5 days ago I had the t.v. on and Fox news was broadcasting that “Neil Keenan had died”. They went on to say how he was a journalist etc. I searched your blog and even “googled” anything about Neil. I found nothing. Did I dream this? I tend to leave the T.V on while dozing so I’m not sure. Thank you again for helping me shuffle through this mess of information.

  6. Wysiwyg says:

    bamboo-water and Graham have nailed it imo.

    • Toni says:

      In complete agreement! We are continuously reminded to employ discernment at every turn. And when there is a strong “gut” level response, it is likely on target.

  7. judynz says:

    Live in fear & it controls you and makes you weak. Use your mind computer to create fear for yourself & others & fearful situations will hound you & you will always be looking over your shoulder. This applys to EVERYONE.both sides. I am a great believer in working at creating within the SELF all that is required for healing, moving forward, protection, subuing others, technology, the weather etc. Little by little chipping away at the thousands of years of brain washing & the practiced belief that things are other than they can be. Daring to think outside the box.
    Jesus said there will be others doing the same works as me & MORE.

  8. Dear Jean, it shows greatness on your part, that you posted Neil’s latest post, despite that you were treated so unkind. You are really doing it for all of us, as your blog gets so many more hits than Neil’s, so this way the word gets out and more people will learn about it. Looks like there will be great turbulence ahead in the coming days. Please take good care. Thank you for all you are doing for us, appreciate it very much. Sending you many hugs! Veraiconica

    • Jean says:

      Neil has told me that I planned the statements by Graham . . . Neil needs to look at Neil instead putting out ‘stuff’ about me, which is what he has said he will do . . . it will get worse before it gets better, Veraiconica. . . and then it will be over :) Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dear Jean,
        Neil has not done his homework yet, this is pity to say something like that for all that you have done for his cause, so many sacrifices plus working almost around the clock. He writes in his blog, that personal issues and differences do not matter, but it appears that these are only words he puts out, but doesn’t mean it. I am grateful, that he gives his life to free the global accounts, but also feel, that he does not have to post all these small details, in only gives the other side more power. It would be a lot better for him, to quietly work on his cause behind the scenes.
        He needs to put his energy into what he wants to accomplish and not what he does not like, he will only create more of it coming his way. Enough said, I am not the judge, what is right, just my own personal feelings about the matter. He would show greatness, if he would publically apologize to you, but his ego might be too big for that.
        Wishing you a peaceful sunday. Hope you can go for a walk and enjoy all the beautiful spring flowers blooming right now, I just love spring.
        Sending you much love! :) Veraiconica

      • Graham says:

        Jean, I’m absolutely astounded by what I have just read!

        Considering you can only communicate with me right here on your blog, and that has been made “blatantly obvious” across various recent posts, Neil can perhaps “show us the way” to where those “planned statements” are, because I’m completely oblivious to such a “plan”. There are many switched on people who post in your forums Jean, in addition to “tens of thousands” of others who read but don’t post. Let them decide.

        There is certainly no shortage of data to work out what I’m all about. I thought it would be very clear that it was my own integrity that led me to openly challenge Neil, yet instead of making a public apology for leaving you “high and dry” and leaving here at the speed of Concorde going supersonic, he prefers to completely delude himself into believing you “planned my statements”. Talk about mind driven fantasy. What else is fantasy?

        This “rattle tattle” is coming from a guy who is supposed to be “taking down” the global “cabal” and having “trillions” returned to where it apparently belongs. Let’s leave Neil Keenan’s actions to speak louder than his words. There is every possibility that “millions” around the globe are waiting on a successful outcome to his complex and highly challenging mission. I’m now waiting to see him make a “successful” apology to you… in public of course.. as you deserve it! As do your loyal readers!

        A genuine person who possesses true integrity would do this “right off the bat”, yet Neil appears to consider it more appropriate to threaten “bad mouthing” you instead. How vindictive and callous. Is this man a “windbag” where his ego seems to be writing cheques that his integrity cannot cash? If you have an issue with that statement Neil, it is very much of your own making. Acknowledge it and my respect “may” be fully restored.

        For the record, Jean has not been “planning” anything with me. As it has clearly escaped your attention so far, I’m more than capable of speaking my own mind. You are certainly now behaving like a “complete and utter fraud”. Feel free to carry on exposing yourself, whilst you attempt to bring down the very person who helped you out and promoted you through the goodness of her own heart. I believe the vast majority of Jean’s blog readers supported you too. I was certainly one of them.

        With the amount of data being published on the internet, it takes the average Joe a long time to discover what’s real and what doesn’t fit. I’m an average Joe that has been researching for over 30 years. Have I ever been caught up in any “traps”? Yes.. many. It has just made me even more vigilant. When bloggers ask for donations, alarm bells ring. When Tom Clancy type stories come out, it’s usually an adequate warning to “get out”.

        • Jean says:

          I don’t know where you’re reading this, Graham, but Neil informed me this morning via an email that he was going to put it all out there on the internet, because he told me that I had planned all this . . . essentially that is what he said, but he wasn’t very nice about it. Neil is very used to screaming and hollering and because I think of his formidable energy. getting his own way. It took me a while to realize that the man I met, who was sweet and kind, is not really that way at all. I found it hard to believe, because I know for a fact that he went through ‘ceremony’ with the Elders. I also know they realized that like all of us Neil has issues, and he told me they said if he wanted to change, he would. Apparently, he has no intention of doing so. His choice.

          It looks to me like the energies are rising and his lower vibrational issues are coming home to roost. In that regard, he’s no different than anyone else. Unless he is willing to look at himself instead of always projecting on other people, however, I can’t imagine he will be the one to bring in the Global Accounts. I stayed around as long as I did, because I had high hopes of helping this planet to heal, perhaps by influencing some of the decisions that would be made to help the people via these funds. Finally, I had enough.

          I told Neil in an email that I thought he would find himself in trouble when he left my blog, and his response, I happen to think, was the song he put at the beginning of the first video, I Did It My Way. I tried time and again to tell him no one could have all the answers, but it was his job to get good people to help him – and I don’t think he made any real attempt to do that. I begged him time and again not to deal with Drake Bailey, and as far as I know although I almost ‘begged’ him to listen many times, he never listened to the following audio –

          If he had, this info should have tipped him off to the fact that Drake Bailey is not a man on whom anyone should depend. To me and to many others, he is obviously a misogynist, and even one of Neil’s colleagues told me Drake’s close’ buddy’ who I believe works with him is that, as well. I’m sure they were both delighted to see me gone from the scene. I told Neil I never had a problem with the new site (although it didn’t ever make much sense to me), but that there was no way I was going to work with those two men.

          Neil, I think, thought I would crawl back to him, and I told him more than once that I don’t bluff – and Graham, I don’t. I learned as a kid you don’t make statements you are unwilling to stand by, because then nobody ever believes you. Immediately after the site when up, he emailed me and told me – essentially – when I learned my lesson I could come back. I don’t think he had any idea of how abusive his treatment of me was.

          As painful and as difficult as it has been for me, Graham, my integrity isn’t up for sale. When it is all over, that is all I have. Neil told his readers he returned a substantial amount of my money. The facts belie what he said. When Neil is angry, the truth matters little, maybe because it has never had to matter before. He blatantly broke the trust I thought we had established, and maybe now things are catching up with him. The world is changing, and I told him I thought as an old dog he could still learn an new trick or two. Also, I told him many times that the energies were rising and fighting our way out of this was not the answer, and he chose to ignore me.

          He would yell at me, and, yes, until I figured it out, I yelled right back, trying to shout louder, but I spoke rationally, attempting to get his attention. I couldn’t imagine why he never would just ‘talk’ with me. Finally, when he would run down, instead of talking with me to solve the problem, he would tell me I had to talk with a colleague and he passed me off to him.

          I’m thinking that he isn’t very good at discussing things with people, maybe because with his powerful, but as yet uncontrolled energy, he has always been able to get his own way. When he didn’t get his way with me, it felt like he went ballistic and put out a whole lot of ugly half truths about me on the internet. He never mentioned that I tried to leave three times and that each time, IMO, he threw a tantrum, saying he was going up to the Hague to get his money back and then going home to his wife and son. I thought this was so crazy, because I KNEW he’d been chosen. I didn’t get it, and in a way I still don’t get it. I stayed, but finally and only recently I was able to pull away, and that is basically when all hell broke loose for me.

          In one of his videos, Neil said I was a person of integrity, but that this wasn’t about integrity, it was about control. Neil doesn’t have a clue about these things, and he doesn’t understand that a person of integrity has no desire or need to control anyone else. I believe Neil was projecting his own problems on me, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve told him I have every single thing we said, spoke, wrote – it’s all recorded, but I think no one has ever dared to speak up to him successfully before, so maybe he doesn’t think anyone ever will.

          Well, Graham, maybe it’s time someone does, even if it’s only a woman who says, “Enough. I have enough of your treatment of me — and that of your kind.”

          I tried to tell him he had sycophants around him and that I was the only one who would tell him the truth . . . and I think that is still true. I wanted so much to help him, but he doesn’t want help. He wants to fight. That is all he knows, and I became and continue now to be a target of that kind of energy.

          Yes, Neil has wounds, but even so he doesn’t have the right to deal with people the way he has chosen to deal with me – and I doubt I’m the first. I would like very much to see him continue and bring in the Global Accounts, and I would be more than happy to work with him – if he is willing to change his tactics and ways of thinking. I mean, it’s pretty clear to me that while his ways brought him success before, the new energies will no longer support his kind of behavior. I’ve spoken with Count Albert personally, and I do believe they have chosen Neil, but I’m not sure what they will decide after they become aware of all this. The world is a forgiving place, Graham, and people make mistakes. Nevertheless, when people are so terribly hard-headed and refuse to learn from them, I have learned they must reap the results until they decide to change their way of being in the world . . .

          Much, much more could be said, and I will say more if it is necessary, but hopefully this will be enough to give you the idea of the sort of man you have taken on. Somehow, though, I think you will be just fine. . . :)Thank you so much, Graham, for being willing to stand here to try to correct some terrible mistakes. . . I can’t ever tell you how grateful I am . .


          • Wysiwyg says:

            Forgive me because I feel I am intruding here but I just have to tell you Jean that reading your words made me feel so sad because I feel your pain and I feel sure others will too. So sorry you have had to go through this. Thank you for everything you do. <3 Much love to you and many hugs ;)


          • Jean says:

            Thank you for your lovely empathy, W. It means a lot right now. People have no idea what I have gone through, and I sincerely hope I don’t have to make anymore of it public, like the absolutely terrible letter Neil wrote to Denise Rednour, blaming her for something of which she was totally innocent. When she read it to me online in tears, finding it hard to believe that this man who was going to free the accounts for the planet could speak that way to anyone, without telling her, I recorded it. I feel certain she, too, has had enough of the terrible, public ridicule of people not only like Neil, but also of his friends, Drake and Gregory Khachaturian, and I believe should it be necessary, she would allow me to publish it here on my blog.

            It’s been a terrible experience, but hopefully it is over! I’m only sorry it has ended in such a way.


          • Terri of Christos says:

            Glad you’re free, Jean. You do wonderful work in transparency and integrity and it was painful to endure Neil’s brute-thug energy here while this part of the story played out, as was inevitable. Personally I think he’s at the end of his role in the script, thank you and good bye and the next chapter will be far more productive for the greater good. Blessed Be.

          • Jean says:

            Gradually the truth in all areas is coming out, Terri, and while it is painful – as usual – it does set us free. I can’t imagine how the Dragon Family and the Elders went along with this. That is what confused me for so very long . . . and maybe there is something I’m really missing. I can only speak from my personal experience, which started out beautifully and in the end was just awful. Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Thank you Jean and thank you Graham, for your insight and your honesty.

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  11. i posted a similar comment a while ago but it never went through for some reason. i have always said that there is not much more than pure duality based on judgement coming from neil keenan. this is not the way we are to transition to the higher dimensions. The “us vs. them” mindset and theatrics coming from the keenan group has just become all the more blatant and obvious over the months, Thanks for remaining in the light, with the light, jean.

    • Jean says:

      Peter, it’s been very tough, but when it’s all over, I can’t give up who I am and my personal integirty. . . I appreciate your support, and I thank you . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Let me add, I kept thinking he’s got to get this – and I hope he can. . .

  12. Frank R says:

    Well we gave up on Keenan and Company a while back. I gave them 2 years and they have produced NOTHING! It’s always the same old soap opera. I have had so many doubts about Keenan that I finally woke up to realize how I had been played. He is fighting allegedly to stop the European Illuminati Families from bankrupting the world but wants us to go into debt now with the Asian Families. The world does not need any more debt people. We need to have the free energy devices and hidden technology brought out immediately so that poor countries can put themselves on their feet and develop their own resources after they kick out the foriegn intruders who are raping them every month.

    So unless the Asian Families are DONATING their funds to these countries freely and not extpecting a return with interest, let the technology out now, let countries create their own currency and let the Asian Families keep their money! I am sorry but actions speak louder than words and from this man we have no action…just words, claims and threats against anyone who disagrees with him or questions his sincerity. Were still waiting to SEE THE BEEF Kennan!

  13. JB Brown/Gramy J says:

    Great BIG hugs. T & I love U very much.

  14. nan says:

    so many negative coments! “Unbelievable”. So pleased you posted this today Jean. Neil says its gonna get tough here on in, which we can all see is happening the desperation coming from washington is showing that. I mean threatning China just in case it gets any ideas like Putin/Crimea situation. The arrogance makes my blood boil honestly.
    I absolutly believe Neil will win this battle for us, we all need to remain positive and send Love and Light to team Keenan thanks guys be safe nan

    • Graham says:

      Without prejudice nan… on what grounds do you “absolutely believe”?

      I would very strongly advise you checkout this “LOVE and LIGHT” term before it gets the better of your thinking. All the so called “new age” material has been very heavily infiltrated and people are failing to see the “cult” it has created.

      The only true love and light you will experience comes about through the prolonged practice of meditation and the experiences carry a meaning that you would rarely if ever need to verbalise to others. It’s actually a humans natural state of being.

      The power connected with it is conveyed by deed and integrity, not fashionable terms that isolate the sheep into yet another pen. The reason they have never taken total control of the internet in the manner many expected is because they chose to infiltrate it instead to create as much chaos and confusion in people’s minds as possible. Be wary! Many have also found a way to make very good money out of their postings.

      The version I see of this particular term ultimately means “sit back and accept anything going”. Question nothing and believe everything without knowing why. When you ask serious questions, assuming you have clear intuition to begin with, you will realise they practice this same “love and light” in the dark wilderness too.

      One guy hit it bang on recently. Here is the link:-

      • Jean says:

        Graham, that post, Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker, was extraordinary!!! Yes!! Yes!! Most of my people loved it . . . exactly the right thing here . . . I’m with you on this whole idea, as well, about love and light. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Abigail says:

        Graham, Just an FYI: Nan (nor anyone else for that matter) should ever feel obliged to justify to you why they “absolutely believe” anything. Who do you think you are to expect people to defend what they believe to you?

        • Graham says:

          People perceive things and sometimes those perceptions are incorrect. I don’t think you have fully understood what I was saying, let alone why. I posted the link for a reason. There is also a flow of discussion in here that highlights some very important matters.

          Jean has imparted a tremendous amount of information that few if any would have previously known about. That information would appear to underpin the reason I feel it is sometimes necessary to ask others why they “absolutely believe” in something.

          The internet is full of people believing things without properly questioning the data and/or people they are believing in. The thoughts and words of such users can easily spread like wildfire across the planet within hours and before you know it, false and/or potentially false data grows an immense pair of legs.

          The lie and/or potential lie then becomes the truth in many people’s minds. If you then show them a factual truth that opposes and/or contradicts the lie, they won’t believe the truth. Humanity then ends up with a dilemma that remain wide open for further abuse and exploitation. Where are we at in 2014?

          Should more people be questioning what they believe in and why? It’s a process known as “introspection” and those who are good at it tend to have betters powers of discernment.

  15. Graham says:

    Jean, hear are my honest thoughts on this matter.

    When you deal with an “enemy” of this apparent nature, you do not verbally announce your intentions to them via an online blog. What I’m reading from Keenan is little more than verbal posturing and rattle tattle.

    With the wealth and technology the “cabal” have control over, I can’t see them having much to fear. If they have the power to mobilise NATO at will, as they have done recently against a former nuclear superpower, what will they think of the verbal threats arising from Keenan through an online blog? I find it almost laughable.

    As things stand, there has been no conclusive action taken. The Keenan Team just need to do whatever needs to be done then let the public know the outcome. Will Neil be running off with a wad of cash, just like he ran off from the very website that supported him throughout? Worst move you ever made Neil! It certainly confirmed something my intuition was already telling me.

    Prove yourself. Your first step should be a sincere apology to Jean. Are you man enough to give one, right here on her blog? I openly challenge you to do so. I’m Scottish and take no shit either. I unfortunately have to deal with bullshitters every other day and I know their psychological profile very well.

    Take back control of the global accounts and I will be the first to congratulate you. If you have to protect your life, you should be changing location often. As it stands, you are a sitting target. Either that, or you are deliberately entertaining a very gullible audience where some donated hard earned money to your cause. Leaving out the Tom Clancy material would do you a lot of justice.

    I welcome your response right here. If I’m misunderstanding something about you, please educate me on the details I seem to be missing.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, Graham . . . I’ll release this, because I know you are sincere . . . and trying to support me when I was left out there all on my own . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Raine says:

        Hear Hear Graham…..I think that is part of what Kathleen and I were trying to get across….it Neil truly is the ONE person who holds the key to freeing humanity, you would think he would be a bit more careful about his safety……..there has always been a shade of gray surrounding this situation, and Graham you pretty much said it perfectly!

        • Jean says:

          Okay, I understand now what you are thinking. . . dancing with the devil are the words I’ve used for this . . . One of the difficulties I always had was that my suggestions were never ‘heard’, or were pushed aside. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Graham says:

          Hi Raine and Kathleen…

          I’m all for Neil being the one “out of many” to succeed in freeing up those global accounts. However, I have learned to listen to my intuition and I have now raised some valid questions due to some longer term observations.

          I’m no idiot and only a fool tries to take me for being one. I am actually livid at the way Keenan USED Jean. It was a disgusting move, but one that may have given us all a direct insight to a completely different agenda from that being verbally discussed online. If Neil “is genuine through and through”, he will apologise right here to Jean.

          I rarely miss a “trick” and a lot of the data I find very interesting comes directly through Jean’s choice of articles and topics that she posts. Jean, you are definitely attuned to a frequency that I recognise. I will purposely omit the term “channel” as it has some very negative connotations. I standby what the Gnostics knew and almost got eradicated for.

          If the cabal saw Neil as a genuine threat, we would all have been mourning him some time ago. He certainly isn’t taking the precautions one would expect to see of a major player hunting them down. If I was in Neil’s shoes, I would move to Moscow then make my final move “right now” whilst the “Russian Bear” is squaring up to the cabal big time.

          Positive progress will only be made with “all feet firmly on the ground”. If the skyrocket heads want to take off with the visiting space cadets, then so be it. If the “militias” want to take on “Samson”, then so be it too. Who will they take on next when they succeed in releasing “trillions”. Think about human greed and the power of the gun. Both happen to go hand in hand with the “egoic state of consciousness”.

          • Jean says:

            Graham, I have said over and over again there MUST BE NO FIGHTING WHEN THIS ALL COMES DOWN!!! Your last paragraph speaks so loudly to me. . . and I thank you for your words. I have no way of reaching you, and for that I am sorry, but I will say publicly how much I thank you for your words. Up until this moment, those who advocate fighting seem to have had a free ride, and I have been made to feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.



          • bamboo-water (rich pack) says:


            For some time now I have wanted to believe that Neil is the real deal.
            But reading through this blog posting, reading its replies, and thinking
            back to many intuitive responses which I have had toward him–I am
            slowly coming to the conclusion–Neil is not the real Deal.

            One of many disconnects for me, has been, why would you “telegraph”
            your actions? Why would you not just deliver those actions?
            And the real clincher, for me, if you had several attempts
            on your life, why would you publically share the name of
            the doctor who provided you with your life-saving “potion”?
            Neil has done just that on more than one occasion. I believe
            the name given is Dr Edward Group–but I would have to check
            that to be certain.

            If all of that is true, then Neil is:

            1- Putting his life-saving “potion” at great risk

            2- Putting this Dr Edward Group’s life at great risk

            I also agree with you, if Neil “is genuine through and through”,
            he will apologise right here to Jean.

            Jai Gurudev,
            bamboo-water (rich pack)

          • Jean says:

            I don’t know what to say, except my heartfelt thanks. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Graham says:

        I raise the question Jean.. why would a human be insincere towards another?

        You will never be on your own Jean. There are many who follow your blog daily. You will know that if you track the stats. Of the one’s who post now and again and/or regularly, there may be a few who will speak their mind in public. I’m one of them.

        Go back to the last Keenan release and pay close attention to Neil’s comments to Pollack. A few minutes of work was all it took to expose that Chicago guys connections. You picked up right away on my research and Neil then came back as if something had suddenly dawned on him. Did he acknowledge what I exposed? No. I reached a number of conclusions right after that and those conclusions now stick.

        If you want to take out the twisted time wasters on this planet, you have to possess a very sharp and highly focused mind, as that is what we are up against with the financial gangsters and their consciously dead muppets and puppets.

        Does Neil have what it takes? I believe he does, when not dozing off on the job. If they really want to take him out, they will spike his drink at the “local” rather than having high tech bugs flying around his apartment and biting him. The damage that caused could easily have led to a hospital bill donation plea, preferably by Bitcoin.

        I’m not the type who has to keep pulling rabbits out of a hat to entertain a bewildered and unsuspecting audience. Let’s see the job done then we can all celebrate. You deserve a seat at the top table Jean. I will hold the door open for your entry :)

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, Graham, I think you’ve opened a can of worms here, but I think it is something that is long overdue! Many of us have felt so alone; our ideas have been laughed at for far too long.

          Like you, I think Neil can finish off these Accounts, but I definitely think this ‘fighting’ idea has to go. I’m tired of people like Drake Bailey on his Facebook Page Cosmic Voice, who is not a legitimate militia member but has a misleading website called AmericanNationalMilitia, calling for the use of incendiary devices on the sheeple to wake them up. Consciousness can’t be raised in our world by giving someone a pill – or by setting off a bomb. It will happen when it is ready to do so, and it needs to be watered and gently fed with sunlight in order to grow.

          Thank you, Graham, for your offer :) I would be delighted if you were to hold the door for me!


          • Graham says:

            I will even introduce you to the celebrating masses as Neil’s original blog host. I will then speak to him in Gaelic about making a public apology after departing here at the speed of a trillion dollars being created by the Ashkenazi electronic financial well (FEDRES).

          • Jean says:

            :) Thank you, Graham, but I think this will all just get buried. . . That’s been my experience. . . look the other way, and it will go away. . . BTW, I’ve been far more than his original blog host . . .:) and I would love to hear some Gaelic spoken . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  16. Nicole says:

    Hi Jean what I don t understand in this story is that President Kennedy and Sukarno signed to release gold back money that came from his family and give it to the people of the world. But Kennedy was murdered and Sukarno was put in jail. Is this true and is the Swissindo thing a fraud. If so then The story of Kennedy and Sukarno is nt true.

    • Jean says:

      The story of Kennedy and Sukarno is true, but not exactly as you’re saying. Sukarno was giving money to US Treasury so he could put the Federal Reserve out of business. That is why they assassinated him and imprisoned Sukarno. I don’t understand why you say it can’t be true. Swissindo is most definitely a fraud. I haven’t bothered with what Swissindo is putting out there . . . this time . . . so I don’t know what they are saying that is confusing the issue, but I’m sure they are masters at it. . . Hugs, ~Jean PS You might try researching the story on the internet. . . :)

  17. Latcho says:

    He’s has the trust of the (INDO’S) he will always be safe in Jakarta. As we have seen the contempt they show for those they don’t (TRUST).Don’t come back Kerry!!!!!

  18. its clear that the nwo is just going to proceed as if they are in control that means they’ll make an announcement via ohbummer at the wh and lamestreet will run with it to ensure “the too big to fail” promotion is swallowed, that is when we hit the streets with pitch forks and torches!

    • Jean says:

      I”m chuckling with this one :) Let’s leave the pitchforks and torches out of it. There is going to be confusion and problems enough. . . we don’t need to act like the cabal has – murdering and killing for what seems like forever :) Hugs, ~Jean

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  20. judynz says:

    caught by the Vatican police with counterfeit bonds….
    (UN diplomatic immunity….)
    Had they been successful, it would have added trillions more to the Vatican’s already overflowing coffers….

    Why would the Vatican police bring them down???

  21. janis says:

    Why does only one man in the whole world seem to have such significance in this whole situation with the world banking system? hhmmm In truth anyone working to truly free humanity is not going to be talking about it very much, but working tirelessly behind the scenes so as not to be in danger. I personally have strong doubts about Mr Keenan…I really think he seems at times rather full of air.!!

  22. ClareNYC says:

    Jean, you give us great example as a leader, though I doubt it’s something you ever set out to do! Whatever happened with Keenan is a good example of it. Being fair and honest is actually all folks have to do; you do that openly and I feel in my heart that ultimately Neil does too. If he’s wrong, I wouldn’t be angry at him for trying. I would love it if you could/would take a much needed rest…but make sure you come back!

    • Jean says:

      Clare, I’ve had to learn that in spite of what Neil did to me, this is another example where we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater :) I believe he will bring in those accounts, and I always have. He’s probably going to fight our last great battle, and then I hope he is willing to find other employment, because war on this planet is coming to an end. I wish him the best. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Abigail says:

        Jean, I don’t understand the contradiction in your statement. You say that Neil is probably going to fight our last great battle, and then you seem to imply that he will still want to “be at war.” I think you seriously misjudge him on this! Once he is able to bring in the collateral accounts as you seem to feel he will be able to do, won’t that be a victory? And if this is our last great battle as you have stated above, why do you assume that Neil will still continue to be at war when there will be no need for it? I think he is fighting for a worthy cause ~ OUR CAUSE ~ and I don’t think he is doing it for the fun of it, or because he is a ‘War Monger’. In principal I disagree with war as you do, and I agree that war on this planet is coming to an end, but how do we win any war that has been perpetrated against us without fighting back to protect and defend ourselves? Otherwise the NWO would succeed and we would all end up dead or as slaves in FEMA camps, or worse. You seem to approve of the fact (as most of us do) that Mr. Putin has kicked the Cabal thugs out of his country, yet do you think he was able to do it without a fight?

        • Jean says:

          Abigail, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think I know Neil well enough to say that all he knows, sadly, is fighting . . . and we can win this war by raising our consciousness. . . not by inciting fighting among the people who are the victims of the cabal . . . so that we become exactly like them. . .No, Putin was tough on the cabal exactly as he should have been, but Neil has aligned himself with people who advocate, for instance, using incendiary devices in a crowd to awaken the ‘sheeple’. As I understand it the militia think this man is a loose cannon and want nothing to do with him . . . why would Neil deliberately do that? I have no idea, but I have tried and tried to tell him to do his homework, and if he has, then he has made a choice with which I can never agree. . . Please take the time to read all the exchanges between Graham and me. Graham’s comment was totally unsolicited by me, but I was more than grateful to find someone finally willing to stand in my corner and support me in the values I hold. Hugs, ~Jean

  23. Kathleen says:

    Ok…I don’t normally comment on things here but felt the need to “highlight” something about this video. Over and over we hear that he is being threatened. His life is on the line, etc. Yet, there he sits in front of a window! The curtains are not even drawn! Really? Trust me, If I were him and I was being hunted, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of a window like this. I have seen this kinda of thing in the past with him sitting close to windows that were open, etc, but this time it really is blatant! I appreciate what he is doing, but I am still not convinced that he doesn’t have him own agenda. No comment necessary Jean. I know how busy you are. Just sayin…. Hugs and Thanks for all your efforts!

    • Raine says:

      I agree Kathleen….it amazed me when he and Michael would talk about having some drinks out at a local pub…..if someone were being hunted by the cabal that is not where one wants to be….open target….

      • Jean says:

        Raine, he is way up off the street – on a very high floor. I think you are wasting your time making asumptions. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Raine says:

          I’m not making assuptions Jean, Michael wrote about it in one of their articles….and thinking at the time how odd it was that they would not take more care…..

          • Jean says:

            I’m not sure what Michael said, but aren’t there more important things to think about? Maybe not. I don’t know . . . Sorry, if I’m wrong on this one . . . Hugs, ~Jena

    • Jean says:

      Kathleen, when I see this kind of conversation, I don’t like it. Isn’t there anything better for you to do? Did you ever think that Neil might be up on a very high floor . . . I’m not so busy that I can’t respond to something like this. Do some research, Kathleen, and if you find fault in it with what Neil says, then gives us links. . . give us something better than this, please! Hugs, ~Jean

      PS It’s hotter than the dickens in Jakarta, the air conditioning is of poor quality and emits toxins . . . what would you do, pray tell!

  24. Jean says:

    Graham, I gave my response a lot of thought, and I appreciate that you seem to understand it. Your reply seems to me to be a personal one, and so I will keep it private. I think you for sharing your thoughts and for your suggestions. I think they are right on. . . Hugs, ~Jean

Apr 02

Injuries reported in active shooting incident at Fort Hood

Injuries reported in active shooting incident at Fort Hood

Posted: Apr 02, 2014 5:06 PM CDTUpdated: Apr 02, 2014 6:07 PM CDT

By Tanita Gaither - email

One person is confirmed dead and others injured at a shooting on the base of Fort Hood in central Texas Wednesday. (Source: MGN Online)

One person is confirmed dead and others injured at a shooting on the base of Fort Hood in central Texas Wednesday. (Source: MGN Online)

A map of Fort Hood, TX. (Source: CNN)
A map of Fort Hood, TX. (Source: CNN)

‘Shooting incident’ reported at Fort Hood in Texas

FORT HOOD, TX (RNN) – An incident that may include several injuries has been reported at the medical support building on the base of Fort Hood in central Texas Wednesday

Law enforcement officials are sweeping rooms, with people exiting a building with their hands up and being escorted away,according to KCEN-TV.

The Bell County, TX Sheriff’s Office has confirmed reports of an “active shooter” and are sending deputies to help, along with members of the ATF and FBI in conjunction with Killeen police and Fort Hood police.

The base is now on lockdown and personnel on base are being asked to “shelter in place,” according to the official Fort Hood Twitter account. Personnel in the building are being asked to stay away from doors and windows during the lock down. Only emergency vehicles and law enforcement officials are being allowed into the military installation at this time.

KCEN-TV reported an active shooter at Fort Hood around 4:30 p.m. CT, and said several injuries have been sustained and one person has been taken to the hospital with injuries.

Meagan Harris of WFAA in Dallas tweetedthat Fort Hood officials confirmed an active shooter at the post on Fort Hood.

The status of the gunman is unclear, and it is not known if the shooter is still on base, on post or has left the base.

Those who are locked down report to local media and on Twitter are reporting what they are experiencing from Fort Hood; one woman tweeting from Fort Hood said that “all we here is sirens” and she is “sitting here on post in lockdown” with others.

Those who are locked down report to local media and on Twitter that sirens and helicopters can be heard.

There is no word on the condition of the victims and the number of victims is unconfirmed at this time.

Central Texas College posted on its website that classes on both their and Fort Hood’s campus have been canceled for Wednesday.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death for killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood – the worst mass murder at a military installation in U.S. history. He was sentenced to death in August 2013.

The shooting took place in Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where troops were getting medical checkups before deploying to Afghanistan.

Fort Hood sits on 340 square miles, making it one of the largest military bases in the U.S. Located in Killeen, TX, the base houses the largest active-duty armored post in the entire U.S. Armed Services.

About 41,000 soldiers work on Fort Hood. It is home to two divisions – 1st Cavalry Division and 4th Infantry Division – and supports 12 units.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have been informed of the shooting.

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Mar 27

Up to 400,000 harp seals may die from this year’s Harp seal slaughter

The Canadian government has set a high quota for the seal slaughter.
Urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to buy out the sealers instead»
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Humane Action
Humane Action
March 27, 2014
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Large Quota Makes Little Sense

Dear Friend,

Up to 400,000 harp seals may die from this year’s seal slaughter. This is a hard number to swallow, especially after watching our recent footage from the harp seal nursery on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence — a spectacular place and among the last truly wild places on Earth.

Tragically, in a few short weeks on the ice floes off Newfoundland, seal pups will have just shed their white coats, giving sealers the go-ahead to kill — which could be an historically high number this year.

Instead of moving forward with a federal buyout that Canadians — including many sealers — agree on, the Canadian government is moving backwards by setting a reckless quota for the hunt.

See the beautiful, undisturbed harp seal nursery; then tell Canada’s Prime Minister to end the slaughter for good by offering to buy out all commercial sealing licenses»
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Mar 26

Updated: Prayers Go Out to Our Sister, Robin Light

Please continue to pray for our Sister and dear friend. ~ Denise


From Rick Light: Update on my beloved Wife Robin Light.
A little after 12:30 last night Robin went into full cardio arrest and has been unresponsive since that time. I am told she might not make it through this but I refuse to give up hope. She is bleeding internally and they have slowed that bleeding down but other problems are making this hard for the Doctors. They did find that her liver is severely damaged and the bleeding seems to stem from that. The thought of losing the love of my life is getting very hard to bear so if I am not on here much you all will know why. I am going to try and get a little sleep and then go back to the hospital to be at her side. Please pray for that miracle Patriots.. God Bless you all for thinking of us at this time.. Rick.


My dear Sister Robin Light. my prayers and energies are with you now. May whatever affliction you are suffering with be stricken from your body and immediate healing begin. My prayer will flow to you until we know you are restored 100%. Youare strong, you are resilient and you are surrounded by love and prayers from all over the globe. I also send prayers for Rick to remain strong and spare him sickness or injury so that he may help you in your recovery. I love you my Sister. If there is anything you need, please let me know.


Mar 23

!!!!! MUST, MUST READ: The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System Free from Wall Street and the City of London? . . . with a comment from ~Jean

!!!!! MUST, MUST READ: The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System Free from Wall Street and the City of London? . . . with a comment from ~Jean

Posted on March 23, 2014by 

JeanHere we read a description of how we might handle the situation in the United States. I believe that like Putin, who pulled the cabal into his trap in a statesmanlike way, our ‘real’ leadership is waiting quietly for the opportune time to do the same — and I believe it is not in the best interests of us as citizens to advocate the use of ‘incendiary devices’ as a solution to bringing down the cabal. We have organized citizens — ‘real’ militias, who will support our efforts in as peaceful a way as possible.

It seems to me  in these perilous times (Special Oracle Report),  we must  fight more with brains than brawn as Putin has done! If men cannot understand this, then maybe it is time for the women to stand up and say it — and as a woman, I think it needs saying, and I’m saying it here and now.

Do we, a people who have been abused by and are sick of war, by the loss of our husbands, children, family members, really want to do battle with this cabal when everything we are learning about the Science of these times tells us plainly that such efforts will only vibrationally ‘feed’ the cabal — and more than likely will slow the peace process down? Please help this article to go viral.

Thanks and hugs,

by Umberto Pascali
Global Research
March 22, 2014

Approximate Transcript of Interview

The Ukrainian crisis? It is basically the opposite of what the media and politicians keep repeating both in the US and Europe. They say that the so-called International community have isolated Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In fact it is the real sponsors of the coup d’état and the violence in Ukraine who are isolated not only morally but also strategically.

And it is Putin, the first leader who resisted and defeated the strategy of world domination, who is enjoying the enthusiastic support of his people and the growing admiration of the world. The well financed media and politicians do not want to hear this, but this is the reality. Without exaggeration, one can compare this resistance to that against Napoleon and Hitler…

Only few know precisely how dangerous the situation has been. How close to a real war.

The incompetent representatives of the ‘international community’ lost any sense of reality and deployed the weapons of social destabilization, armed insurrection, assassination by snipers, a fascist March on Kiev reminiscent of Mussolini’s March on Rome, targeting of the Russian population.

They intended to give Russia the Libya treatment, and they did not make a secret of it.

After the assurances given by George H W Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO couldn’t be used for a push toward East, successive US governments did exactly that. Their objective is to surround Russia. With the smiling hypocrisy of hyenas, they made clear that there was no alternative but to surrender to the military power and propaganda capabilities of NATO.

No compromise, no negotiations. Or better when negotiations took place like on Feb 21, the neo-Nazi gangs in Kiev were incited to escalate the armed violence and take over the Parliament and Government buildings, beating and intimidating whomever did not agree.

The Western “diplomats” immediately recognized the neo-Nazi coup d’état as the legitimate government. Yatsenyuk, the candidate of Victoria Nuland, declared himself Prime Minister while members of the parliament were brutally beaten in the street, their houses invaded and violated, their families terrorized… to ensure their support for the democratic process…

These criminal politicians even pushed the situation close to a real nuclear war. Putin made clear that Russia — which had lost a large percentage of its population in the war against Nazism and accepted to see Moscow in flames in order to defeat the superior forces of Napoleon — was not going to surrender. That moment was more dangerous than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Putin called their bluff… Then, while the Crimean (and not only Crimean) population asked for protection against the NATO-supported armed gangs, the propaganda machine went into full speed in the West, but it was too late. In this sense Putin not only saved Russia, but gave a chance to the whole of Europe… like in WWII

The fascist armed insurrection and the Kiev coup were not simply a war against Russia, they were also a war against Europe. Not the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, whose loyalty lies with the big financial institutions, but the Europe of the various countries reduced to misery and despair by austerity measures and the economic looting of Wall Street and the city of London.

Ukraine has been destabilized in order to make sure that Europe would be in a perennial war with Russia.

In fact, both, the interests of Europe and that of Russia, lie in a common economic plan for the development of the whole area. This is what was proposed by Putin and by several leaders such as former German chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder. This is exactly what had to be prevented with the Victoria Nuland $5 billion ‘to help democracy.’ And now, despite all the noises and rhetoric, this is the most obvious direction to go.

The most important point to understand is that this war and looting policy is not in the interest of the Europeans or even of the Americans.

This is the big secret that now cannot be covered anymore. The governments of the US and the European countries are NOT independent entities, they are not sovereign. They do not have the will or even the ability to act on behalf of their people. They are controlled by powerful banking interests. They have been taken over by two financial centers that do not care for the real economy. They pursue only speculation and looting.

In response on March 4th the economic adviser to Putin, Sergey Glazyev declared openly that if the financial vultures persisted, Russia would create on the spot an independent financial system which is separate from that of the US Dollar.

Glazyev explained to the vampires:

‘We have wonderful economic and trade relations with our Southern and Eastern partners. We will find a way not just to eliminate our dependence on the US but also profit from these sanctions…. .If sanctions are applied against Russia’s state structures we will have to move into other currencies and create our own settlement system. We will be forced to recognize the impossibility of repayment of the loans that the US banks gave to Russian state structures. Indeed, sanctions are a double-edged weapon, and if the US chooses to freeze our assets, then our equities and liabilities in dollars will also be frozen…’

This strategy is known as the Financial Nuclear Option. It could lead to the end of the predatory looting system of Wall Street.

The ‘Southern and Eastern partners’ Glazyev is talking about are clearly the members of the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the sane part of the world economy, the future.

And it is exactly what the official spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov indicated in an interview to the BBC:

“Sanctions against Russia could be the final trigger that will force many countries to create a new independent financial system based on the real economy. The world is changing rapidly. How many civilizations grew and died in the course of history? Who will be able to resist the pressure of dying systems and indicate to the people the road toward the future?”

The possibility of a new financial system independent from the collapsing dollar empire, as consequence of anti Russia sanctions was also emphasized by an authority of the Russian media including RT. (See:

…Western sanctions might push Russia to deepen cooperation with BRICS states, in particular, to strengthen its ties with China, which will possibly turn out to be a big catastrophe for the US and the EU some time later.

On March 18, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Russia would switch to new partners in case of economic sanctions being imposed by the European Union and the United States. He highlighted that the modern world isn’t unipolar and Russia has strong ties with other states as well, though Russia wants to remain in good relations with its Western partners, especially with the EU due to the volume of trade and joint projects.

Those “new partners” are not really new since Russia has been closely interconnected with them for almost 13 years. This is all about the so-called BRICS organization, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS represents 42 percent of the world’s population and about a quarter of the world’s economy, which means that this bloc of states is an important global actor.

The BRICS countries are like-minded in regard to supporting the principles of international law, the central role of the UN Security Council and the principles of the non-use of force in international relations; this is why they are so actively performing in the sphere of settling regional conflicts. However, the cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa goes beyond political aspects and is also demonstrated by dynamic trade and multiple projects in different areas.

Today, in total, there are more than 20 formats of cooperation within the BRICS which are being developed. For example, in February the member-states came to an agreement about 11 possible projects of scientific and technical cooperation, from aeronautics to bio- and nanotechnology.

In order to modernize the global economic system, at the center of which stand the US and the EU, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have created the BRICS Stock Alliance and are creating their own development bank to finance large infrastructure projects. On the whole, despite fierce criticism of BRICS as an organization with no future, it is developing and increasing cooperation with its members and, in fact, BRICS is showing pretty good results.

With the suspension of Russia’s participation in G8 and the strengthening of economic sanctions against Russia, specific industries may be targeted, including limits on imported commodities.

While the West seeks to hit Russia hard, it is important to notice that Russia is ready to switch to other markets, including BRICS, with a view to expanding its trade.

The above are excerpts from a March 19 2014 interview with Umberto Pascali, Macedonian TV program, “The People’s Voice” directed by Slobodan Tomic.

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