how to measure a replacement window

how to measure windows for replacement

how do you measure a window for replacement

Before taking the size of the window, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of its opening and configuration. It is recommended to approach the measurements very carefully since in panel houses, the dimensions of window structures are about the same, and in brick buildings - they may differ by a few centimeters. We suggest that you use this instruction if you want to install metal-plastic windows yourself. You also need to know how to measure a PVC window to determine approximately how much the windows will cost.

how to measure windows for replacement
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How to measure for window replacement

 How to Measure a Window

The house window should be measured from the street and the living room side of the house. Both dimensions are required to determine the depth of the window opening. It is necessary to know that the window should have no less size than the outside of the window. And how much more significant? This is what we should calculate.

Remember that the opening can be skewed, especially if it is noticeable in panel houses, so you need to increase the size of the structure by the size of the skew. After you determine the window's dimensions, you should compare them to the internal measurements of the opening. This will allow you to find mechanical errors in the calculations you made earlier and then estimated what plaster should be used to apply to the interior soffits.

Before you measure the size of the window, take care to have the following tools at hand and prepare: a device for measuring, pliers, a chisel in blunted form (15-20 mm), a building level, a hammer of small size, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber band, a paper to record the result. It is convenient to measure with a tape measure or a telescopic ruler. The accuracy of measurement should be 10 millimeters.

Measuring windows in a residential home with a quarter

Window openings in quartered homes should extend 20-30 millimeters beyond the top and side soffits from the outside. If you decide to get serious about measuring your window, you should keep this in mind. The width of the window should be calculated on the outside soffits. It is to her added 40-60 millimeters for a window on both sides in a quarter or slightly less if the wall is crooked.

After you have measured the width between the exterior soffits, it should be checked that it was not more than the distance between the points where the inner soffits adjoin the frame. The width of the window frame must not be greater than the width of the frame on the inside.

If the window's width is more significant during the inspection, you should contact a professional measurer. The window's height is the distance from the base of the opening to the top slope minus 10-20 millimeters, which falls on the gap for the assembly foam, and 20-30 millimeters, which is needed for entry into the upper quarter of the design.

If you are planning to use a false profile when installing the windows, which is a must when equipping the window sill and sill, you should reduce the window's height by another 30 millimeters (the size of the false profile). You know how to correctly measure a plastic window in a building with a quarter!

To verify your work, check the following dimensions: The height of the window frame without the undercut profile must not exceed the distance from the window sill to the upper window sill from the inside. Likewise, the window size with the sill profile must not exceed the length between the lower edge of the sill and the upper inside soffit.

Measuring a window opening in a residential home without a quarter

Take the height and width of the window opening before measuring the plastic window. When calculating the width, measure at the top and bottom of the door, and take the smallest value in subsequent calculations. The opening width should be subtracted by 20-40 millimeters (gaps for foam on both sides). That's what we will consider the width of the plastic window.

The height is measured from the right and left side openings. From the petite figure, subtract 20-40 millimeters (gaps for the foam) and 30 millimeters (height standoff profile). This will be the height of the window.

Measuring the window width

To get the size of the window, add 3-5 centimeters to the width of the outside lining (a little less in the case of a curved wall). To measure the window accurately, you need to know some details:

The window should be the same or slightly more expansive in the place where the frame touches the linings;

The structure should have a smaller size than the inside opening of the window.

To not make mistakes when measuring windows in the non-standard openings, you need to contact a specialist. A measurer who is a professional can identify the causes of discrepancies on the spot.

Measuring the window height

When measuring the window height, it is recommended to subtract 2 centimeters from the distance from the base of the window opening to the upper exterior soffit. This is the required distance at the top of the door for the installation foam.

The scheme of measuring the window height is simple enough and understandable to every builder. To design into the upper quarter, add 1.5-2.5 centimeters to this size. When installing a window with a window sill and sill, you need to use a standing profile, and from the resulting size, subtract 3 centimeters.

Tips for window design

The actual window design is determined by the color and configuration of the existing window. The products should, if possible, be the same on the facade of the building. When designing the design, you need to consider some practical recommendations and technological constraints:

the sash dimensions specified in the window system catalog should not be larger than the maximum;

due to the limited possibilities of perimetric fittings, the width of the tilt-and-turn sash must not be less than 400 millimeters;

the bending diameter of the semicircular arch must reach 520 millimeters;

The dimensions of openings may be different due to the arrangement of the floor and other factors, so the measurement is done during the construction and reconstruction of the building, and all dimensions are consistent with the project.   

Thus, you learned how to correctly measure windows in residential buildings with a quarter and without a quarter. In addition, there is a methodology for making calculations for height and width. Prepare in advance all the necessary tools for work so that you will not be interrupted in the process! This way, you will be able to determine the cost of the future metal-plastic construction.

How much is window replacement


  • The manufacturers' service life of translucent structures made of polymer profiles with insulated glass is 40-50 years. However, it is often the case that a window that has been installed relatively recently needs to be replaced. The reasons for this phenomenon can be very different, and below we will consider them in detail.
  • The declared service life and warranty of producers of metal-plastic windows is a highly complex issue. Usually, advertising indicates the maximum possible period of use of polymer profile, which is the basis of construction. The warranty period for the product and installation work by the current standard is at least three years. Plastic windows have a complex structure, especially with pivoting and tilting casements. Their life with proper installation and operation largely depends on the quality of components. Usually, responsible companies provide a warranty of at least five years if the product is made from a conditioned profile and uses suitable hardware.
  • The main reasons to replace the windows in the apartment
  • Modern translucent constructions are made at specialized enterprises from a ready-made polymer profile. Installation of windows in rooms and on balconies is either done by their installation sites or individual companies, or even private brigades. Accordingly, the skill level of staff is different, which directly affects the quality of installation.
  • Replacement of PVC windows is usually required in the following cases:
  • damage to translucent structures due to external factors: intentional or accidental impacts on the glass unit, burglary attempts, natural elements, etc.;
  • natural wear and tear of the window in service;
  • Incorrect measurement of the light aperture, violation of the technology of manufacture and installation of structures;
  • Insufficient energy-saving, wind- and water-permeability, sound insulation, and other characteristics of the products;
  • A discrepancy in the appearance of delicate structures in the room design.

Replacing windows in an apartment or country house may also be necessary to improve the room's security against burglary. Construction companies often use inexpensive, translucent structures of dubious quality to reduce costs. Unfortunately, they are unreliable and need to be replaced after a few years of operation.

How do you know when it is time to replace the window?

The following signs are indicative of the necessity to replace the plastic windows in a house or apartment:

When closing, the sash clings to the fixed profile. Possible causes of malfunction: deformation of the construction, violation of manufacturing or installation technology of the window unit.

Yellowing of plastic in operation. Factors that cause this phenomenon: using a low-quality profile or getting foam on the construction during installation.

Condensation or ice formation on the inner surface of the window. There can be several reasons for this phenomenon, from the low thermal characteristics of the construction to the peculiarities of the room.

A strong draft from the window is formed due to an increased gap between the window unit and the opening. The latter occurs due to irregularities in taking measurements and cannot be compensated for by finishing the lining.

The turnkey replacement of windows is usually done when the detected defects cannot be corrected in repair. We are talking about cases where replacing individual structure elements is impossible for technological or other reasons. A specialist determines the degree of maintainability of the transparent construction during a thorough inspection.

The cost of replacement of plastic windows

The calculator below shows the preliminary calculations for replacing old windows with plastic windows on a turnkey basis. The final cost depends on the selected type of glass and frames, the number of windows, location of installation (on the balcony, in an apartment or house) - and is calculated individually after measuring.

Window replacement technology

The premises owner decided to install new translucent structures in place of deterioration in lousy condition. Therefore, it is essential not to make previous mistakes and replace the old windows with excellent quality new ones. To solve this problem, you must be responsible for the choice of the company which will be entrusted with this task.

In general, the process of replacing plastic windows in residential and industrial premises consists of the following stages:

They are measuring and placing an order for manufacturing. But, of course, it would help if you did not take measurements by yourself - in this case, the manufacturer can not be held responsible for the correctness of the construction and will not give any guarantees.

When preparing an order, the client needs to specify all the plastic window requirements precisely. In particular, you should select the type and color of PVC profile, number of sashes, how they are opened, number of chambers in the insulating glass unit, and other characteristics. In addition, the replacement of the window sill, the drip moldings and the finishing of the window sills, and the manufacture of mosquito netting are specified separately.

Conclusion of contract. Usually, the specialists who take measurements are in charge of this on behalf of the company. Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer's product warranty and works on its installation. The company's attempts to install a shorter period should cause suspicion.

Paying in advance for the windows is usually not less than 50% of the total cost of the order. The money should be given only after the contract is signed, and be sure to get a document confirming the fact of payment.

Fabrication of plastic windows: usually, this process takes three to seven days, and the customer is informed about its completion.

Preparation for the installation of plastic windows is carried out immediately before the team's arrival with the finished products. It is necessary to remove curtains, plants, and other items that can interfere with the work. Furniture and large appliances are covered with film or cloth. On the floor near the window lay cardboard or a sheet of plywood, which will avoid damage to the coating.

The dismantling of old window units is carried out by specialists and begins with removing the sashes. The next step is to remove the insulating glass units and unscrew all the fasteners, and then the team is removed from the opening and put away so as not to interfere in the course of the work.

Installation of translucent structures includes the following operations: removal of sashes and insulating glass units. Next, the window unit is installed in the opening and secured with anchor bolts, self-tapping screws, or steel plates. Next, the construction position is controlled on a vertical and horizontal level. After that, all earlier removed elements, window sills, and drip moldings are returned in their places.

It is caulking the gaps between the unit and the opening with polyurethane foam. After it dries, its excesses are removed with an assembly knife. Next, plaster the window sills from outside to inside and finish them.

Replacement of old windows takes from five days to one week, depending on the efficiency of the manufacturing company and other factors. Once the work is completed, final payment is made to the contractor.

How to order replacement plastic windows

Call or leave an order on the website to order replacement PVC windows. Our managers will call you back, consult you and make an order.

Our specialist comes to the site and makes free measuring, studies the features of the window opening, considers your wishes, and carries out climate engineering.

Then we proceed to the production of plastic windows. The finished product we deliver on time, prepare the opening for the installation of new window construction.

After replacing the plastic window, you get a guarantee of the work performed.

With each client, we conclude a contract.

Large selection of components

We offer to choose:

Insulating glass: one-chamber, two-chamber, three-chamber, with protection from sunlight, smart glass, thermopane.

Installation of a plastic or stone window sill.

Mosquito nets.

Blinds and roll-up blinds for any size window.

Fittings include burglar-proof and childproof locks.

Breezers, air vents.

You can improve the window by applying color lamination and other valuable accessories.

Metal windows from the company "Window Factory."

The company "Factory Windows" offers its services in the manufacture and replacement of window units - this is a priority area of the enterprise. Current building norms and standards do all work.

In the production of PVC rigid profile window units, the company is guided by the requirements. The production process uses modern technological equipment and materials of good quality. This provides products with a high level of performance and excellent operating characteristics.

Installation of window units is carried out. The installation method using assembly foam or vapor-permeable self-expanding tapes is determined by agreement with the customer.

Decided to replace the window? - contact our company. High-quality translucent structures and the correctness of their installation are guaranteed. "Fabrika Okon" has an impeccable business reputation and cherishes it, clearly fulfilling its obligations.

How much window replacement cost

Install new plastic windows; it will not take as much time as it may seem at first glance. However, it is quite a time-consuming process and requires a thorough study of the topic: what company to choose not to overpay; how many chambers should be in a glass unit, and many other questions, but the most important.

How much will it cost to install the window

The editorial staff of the magazine will try to open the "veil over the mystery." However, in order not to stay at the bottom of the barrel, bemoaning the poor quality products, PVC windows should be ordered only from an organization that has proven itself in the market as a serious and responsible producer, for which the word "reputation" is not an empty phrase, but an action guide.

We advise purchasing insulating glass directly from the manufacturer. For example, Style has excellent offers at a low price. In addition, the glass can be ordered in a classic white color, interior or exterior style.

Nuances of purchasing and installing PVC windows

A significant percentage of the window price is the cost of installation work. Prices for plastic windows and their installation vary pretty often, and for each client, an individual calculation of the price is done.

The type of window opening will largely depend on its price. Depending on the sash is a different type of opening. According to this characteristic, plastic windows are divided into:

Tilt-up - one part of the window opens (either the top or bottom).

Deaf - it is the cheapest because it cannot be opened.

Tilt-and-turn - opens outward or inward.

tilt-and-turn windows cost the most because they combine the characteristics of both turn and tilt windows.

Also, and on the features of the selected glass, the number of chambers and their filling depends on the price of the insulating glass unit.

Choice of supplier

The manufacturing company also plays a not insignificant role. Germany has excelled as a manufacturer of window profiles. But domestic firms do not lag behind foreign manufacturers and now make windows using German technology.

The most popular are plastic windows from PROFLEX, VEKA, Rehau, KBE, etc. Each has its positive qualities.

Suppose you have more extensive requirements and instead of simple windows, you want to get something special, with a unique design (silvered handles, wood decor). In that case, you should consider that this also affects the price of the window. "Elite," "standard," "economy" - options for glazing rooms, which can offer you different firms.

Approximate calculation of the cost of the window

For example, let's take the window of standard size 1500x1500. According to preliminary, wildly inaccurate estimates, the plastic window "economy" type will cost somewhere in the region of $200, the elite class - 550 USD (give or take), but the "standard" - probably about 300-350 USD.

There is such a big difference in the price by the quality of the window components: the "economy" class, as it is easy to guess where the name comes from, that is the windows of this type made by low-cost companies of cheaper materials.

Much better materials are used for plastic windows of the "standard" and "elite" types, which is consequently reflected in their value. But you can choose a window that is ideally suited to your requirements: if you want a window profile with high sound and heat insulation - no problem, if you wish an individual design or special fittings. But, of course, it all depends on the "thickness" of your wallet.

Getting an approximate amount can be calculated by calculating the number of windows, and their approximate cost, including the price of delivery and installation. It is better to consider that approximately 25 percent of the total order amount will just be the windows' delivery and subsequent installation.