Aug 12

Peter Eyre comments on a question: Where is all the other gold that is mined, and he also tells us something of their black magic and how it really works

Peter Eyre comments on a question: Where is all the other gold that is mined, and he also tells us something of their black magic and how it really works. . . ~J

Posted on August 11, 2013by Jean

Jean has explained where the WW2 contraband has been stored but obviously on the other hand James Hyslop was absolutely correct in asking where is all the other gold that is mined etc.

Most people do not understand that most of what is mined is never declared and this can be as high as 75% or more………where has it gone you may ask?……….you need to ask the Zionist Controlled New World Order for the answer to that question.

They have thousands of fake or virtual companies that operate out of what we call “Boiler Rooms”….these virtual companies are all interlinked to the bigger companies both in the mining industry and the oil and gas industry and via this system they launder the money (and the gold) etc into their own offshore accounts and vaults.

As we know Neil Keenan has exposed the cabal (via the US Courts) from the top down and I and my associate have been trying to do the same in London (via the Royal Courts of Justice) from the bottom up.

Please understand that each and every country (that declares their own massive deficits) do not in the true sense have such deficits……it’s all self inflicted when they siphon off billions/trillions of dollars each and every year into their own offshore accounts.

The Presidents and Prime Ministers, Governments, and Major Fraud Squads all have been informed but do nothing……why?….because they are part of the cabal!!

The New World Order (cabal) started on this massive theft game well before WW1 and WW2 (which they started themselves), even going back to the Napoleonic War and the days of Wellington etc etc……. President Kennedy tried to fix the problem after he was informed of the stolen contraband and was assassinated trying to fix the problem as have benn many other very brave people.

One boiler room we exposed was at 788-790 Finchley Road, Golders Green, London (the Zionist sector of London)……within this pathetic little office were housed hundreds of companies, some of which were portrayed to be major oil and gas companies.

These companies were represented by a few staff members each of which were armed with banks of mobile telephones each of which represented a company…….two British Companies within this cramped office were contracted by the US Military to provide Jet A1 aviation fuel to the US Air Force in Afghanistan who in turn backed up the coalition forces on the ground.

This open ended contract was worth millions of dollars but with one hitch!!!!…..the companies were virtual companies and did not exist or provide fuel to our military…….just imagine all the tax payers money that was willingly given to support our respective troops, many of whom died, never happened and that money was again siphoned out of the system…..not to mention the massive tax evasion etc.

The New World Order will be closed down and a new horizon is within sight….just be patient and wait for the new sunrise…..remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west……..the cabal tried to reverse this when they illegally and very fraudulently high jacked the global collateral accounts and the associated stolen gold.

They have been using these accounts and printing off money they have never owned against massive amounts of gold bullion that does not belong to them……….the true owners are now in recovery mode and hopefully soon the world will be a better place.

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