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PressTV: Moment of truth for Washington

PressTV: Moment of truth for Washington

Posted on August 17, 2013by Jeanamiri20130811154432440
This file photo shows the moment the WTO Twin Towers were attacked in September 2001.

Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:47PM GMT

By Dr. Amir Dabiri Mehr

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Less than a month is left to the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the WTO Twin Towers in New York – the day when fear took over the world and people from all over the world were saddened over the deaths of 3,000 innocent American citizens who fell victim to terrorists who had previously been supported by the CIA.

9/11 was a storm, which the CIA had created its winds in the 1980s and Americans experienced its devastation in the 2000s. While 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, it created the will to fight terrorism across the globe.

All world leaders, thinkers, intellectuals and journalists began talking about fighting terrorism and terrorists. From the ashes of the twin towers, the hope for a global anti-terrorism movement sprang up because this time it was the Americans who had fallen victim to terrorism and the US government could for once become a forerunner in this anti-violence movement.

This ray of hope was lost forever when in a hasty, violent and unilateral move, the US and its allies, spearheaded by Britain, launched a military attack on Afghanistan and then Iraq.

The US politicians proved that even a tragic incident such as 9/11 cannot awaken their conscience to fight terrorism across the globe with honesty. Just as skin, color, nationality and political orientation must not play a role in safeguarding human rights these factors should not affect the fight against terrorism.

The US behavior since 2001 has shown that its interpretation of human rights is one-sided, revolves around America and is West-oriented just like its counterterrorism efforts.

The US has divided the world into two categories; those allied with Washington and those non-allied. The US considers safeguarding human rights necessary for its allies. To prove this point, one only needs to look at what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To substantiate the abovementioned claim, it is enough to take a look at the worrisome and horrible events and developments in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. After a period of relative calm, these countries have been witnessing an increasing number of bombings, the killing of women and children and mutilation of civilians in the past few weeks.

Everyday news of bombing in public places, explosion of tens of explosive-laden cars, death of women and children, burning citizens alive and lynching civilians in these countries are reported by the world’s media, breaking the hearts of freedom-seekers and philanthropists in the world.

While the problem is clear and it is evident who is funding these terrorists, Western governments particularly the US continue their unilateral policy of sponsoring these major threats to humanity. Although the US condemns such actions in order to deceive public opinion, no savvy person will believe such hypocritical and two-faced stances.

Today it is a well-known fact that one of the most important terrorist groups in the world that parades around in the Middle East has its roots in Salafi Wahhabism and Talibanism and receives financial and political support from a number of Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

As an example, one can point to The Guardian report in which former US Ambassador to Iraq Christopher R. Hill in a 24 September 2009 fax informed the US State Department of Riyadh’s role in assassinations in Iraq.

Such reports have not caused Washington to change its policies and the reason for this irresponsible US behavior is that Riyadh is an ally in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, and therefore, it is commissioned by Washington to become the center of exporting terror, violence and hatred.

The reason for Washington indifference is quite clear: Saudi Arabia is Washington’s ally in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, therefore Riyadh is allowed to spread terror, violence and hatred in the world under the auspices of the US.

The representatives of the Saudi government have permission to burn humans alive in Syria and eat the hearts of Syrian soldiers. They are allowed to cut off the noses and ears of schoolgirls in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to carry out bombings in Iraq under the guise of Salafi and Takfiri groups.

Washington does nothing about this because it is more worried about the billions of dollars of Saudi capital in US banks.

Is this approach not in fact tantamount to supporting terrorism instead of fighting it? Are incidents such as 9/11 are only condemned in the US and permitted in other countries? Do those innocent people who are killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan not have any rights and are considered second- or third-rate humans? Is it not time for the US to turn off its green light for Saudi Arabia to export terror to other countries?

Barack Obama, whose forefathers inherited the violation of Colored People’ rights in the US and could relatively overcome race discrimination under the leadership of Martin Luther King in a way that today an African-American is the US president, should know that 9/11 was not a stand-alone incident; rather, it was the result of a process that politicians such as Obama began during Afghanistan’s occupation by the former Soviet Union and the American people suffered its consequences 20 years later.

Today American politicians and decision makers are paving the way for other 9/11 incidents in the future by their negligence and double-standard approach toward terrorism and their passive reaction towards the origin of terrorism in the Persian Gulf, that is to say Saudi Arabia because the terrorists lack the intelligence to identify their targets and merely survive through terror, violence and massacre. That is why over the past ten years we witnessed the omnipresence of terrorists who are looking for opportunities to destroy the world.

Today, the US should be pursuing the fight against terrorism and terrorists instead of framing countries like Iran and imposing inhumane sanctions against Iranians.

If oil money is not deposited into the bank accounts of terrorist for one day, they will not be able to carry out their vicious acts.

A look at history shows that hope and awareness are what help nations pass through dark times, that one day the US will join peace-seeking and anti-terrorism countries in the fight against terrorists so that the people of the Middle East would no longer have to witness the deaths of the innocents caused by bombs made in Western factories and funded by the oil dollar of certain Persian Gulf littoral states.


Dr. Amir Dabiri Mehr is an Iranian political commentator with over ten years of experience in mass communication and politics. Dabiri Mehr holds a PhD in political science. More articles by Dr. Amir Dabiri Mehr

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