Oct 19

Teri Hinkle: EBT — Comments and Upcoming Video

I will do a video on this and get it out. As always forewarned has worked to expose beforehand and thus tie the hands of their success pretty effectively. I knew the instant the EBT cards stopped working that it was a test. Call it my ratdar or call it what it is, months of watching actions and looking forward to possible goals. First do everything possible to get the maximum number of Americans dependent on free food and then cut off access to feed their families. Once again this is ALWAYS included in the fascist take overs. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler,  Cousesquiue (not spelled right) all did it. Eliminate the opposition by starving them, spreading disease etc. The sick and the hungry don’t fight. They will at first though, just enough to justify the final take over and begin the war on us in earnest.  http://www.examiner.com/article/media-blackout-obama-has-ordered-states-to-stop-food-stamp-payments-next-month

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