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Please Meet Inchul Kim, a Member of Neil’s Team, Working in Jakarta, November 18, 2013

Please Meet Inchul Kim, a Member of Neil’s Team, Working in Jakarta, November 18, 2013

Posted on November 18, 2013by Jean

These are the kinds of people Neil is working with! What a treasure Inchul and the others are! Thank you, dear Inchul, for daring to give us a glimpse of the battle you are fighting. Inchul was first introduced to us here on my blog as the Dancing Bear last St. Patrick’s Day.  :)

My name is Inchul Kim, Korean and working with Neil Keenan in Jakarta. Neil made my life more dangerous because he declared I am a his ultra right man in my facebook. So I will one of major targets of the Cabal but it is very honored hahaha.

Please check my facebook below!


When I came here Jakarta I expected that I would stay in Jakarta for 3 days to meet Neil and go back to Korea. But after the meeting with Neil and I visited the Lower court with Neil to hear the Nelu’s case. That time I realized what happened in Jakarta especially to Nelu and I speak to myself “what’s going on here and why such a innocent and patriotic young man has to detain in the jail. There must be something wrong!”. So I decided to stay in Jakarta and help to Neil but I did not imagine that I stayed in here for nearly one year. So I have to abandoned my project in Korea actually I am a specialist in climate change business such as carbon credit projects. Recently, my wife lost job in Korea and she has a little bit mental depression because I am far away. But I think anyone who realizes the plan of Cabal, we called Agenda 21 to kill my family, relatives, friends and all innocent people on the planet will have to make a decision same as my decision.

So I do not regret my decision. My only one hope is to finalize this war against the Cabal with our victory as soon as possible and make a triumphant return to Korea like a a victorious general. To do that everybody should think this is not only Neil Keenan’s war but all people’s war against the Cabal who try to kill us.

You have a responsibility to cheer up our team who dedicate their time to this war because it is your war.

Please don’t forget Neil Keenan’s team and do not leave them in the enemy’s fields!!!

God bless all people who support this war.

Inchul Kim from Jakarta, Indonesia

P.S. Please forgive my rough English because English is not my mother language.

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