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  • Keenan “slips out the back door” to return to Jakarta – confirms details of escape from cabal abduction attempt, says “the coast is clear…for now”
  • Rothschilds meet with South Korean leaders in attempt to steal 300,000 metric tons of gold from lawful depositors to finance the Cabal’s planned war with China
  • Cabal’s over-all goal – the same as ever – a “collectivist” global police state, i.e., totalitarian communism, which in the end looks the same as fascism: the people under the boot.
  • George Soros and Emperor of Japan cooperating in gold grab for Cabal
  • U.S. VP Biden threatens South Korea – give up the gold to corporation USA, or else!
  • Keenan warns – The Family is watching and the would-be gold thieves will “disappear”
  • Security soon to be in place for threatened Elders, as Cabal attempts to abscond with Global Account assets stored for decades in Indonesia
  • “Hey, Abbott!” – Keenan advises Australian prime minister – “You’re a globalist, Abbott, and everybody knows it.”  Australia has turned into a lapdog for the corrupt oligarchs.
  • European Union “hanging on by pins” – Cabal plans to drag Europe down with debt as prelude to global war: last desperate bid to create chaos
  • Geithner placed in charge of CFR – assignment: work with Merkel to collapse European economies under the German umbrella, to exert pressure on Russia from the west while the USA Corp. goes after China in the east.
  • The Elders in Indonesia are in immediate danger – the Cabal is coming for the gold.  Security teams arriving to protect the guardians of the Global assets.
  • Nelu is not forgotten – his case will soon be heard

by Michael Henry Dunn

December 11, 2013

Neil Keenan may have spent a few days in the hills under the protection of the good guys, and God knows he’s taken a few lumps over the past few months, but the news today is that Keenan hasn’t changed.  He “slipped out the back door” after his circuitous escape from the Cabal’s abduction attempt, and is back in Jakarta, raising hell, causing trouble, and giving gold-grabbing globalists sleepless nights.  In the urgent video attached to this post, Keenan warns of the corrupt globalists’final survival strategy: steal a massive trove of Global Accounts gold from its storage place in South Korea, and use it to finance a war against China and Russia.  The spiraling debt-crisis in Europe will be used to drag the EU nations into final bankruptcy, allowing the Goldman-Sachs dominated EU structure to replicate Greek-style debt and Cyprus-style asset seizure throughout Europe, putting increased pressure on Russia, while provoking war against China.  The ultimate aim of the globalists hasn’t changed: a “collectivist” world in which the individual is smothered beneath the weight of a totalitarian global state.  The face of Stalinist communism is little different from the face of Hitlerian fascism – both are aimed at forcing humanity to serve the elite in the name of a phony “greater good of all” ideology.  As Keenan reminds us, this has long been the dark sect’s final vision, going all the way back to the Illuminati funding of the Nazis, and the massive postwar Nazi infiltration of the US government: a final world crisis of war and financial collapse in which they impose a globalist order.

To this end, USA Corporation VP Joseph Biden flew to South Korea to demand the surrender of 300,000 metric tons of gold (Global Collateral Accounts assets rightfully belonging to the ancient and powerful Chinese clan known as “The Family”) to the bankster Fed cabal (with the strings being pulled from the City of London, as they have been for two centuries).

The new Illuminati point man on the American front, former Treasury Secretary and Fed veteran Timothy Geithner, has been placed in charge of that prime cabal entity, The Council on Foreign Relations, by the Rockefeller/Warburg organization.  His assignment at the CFR is to ruin nations’ economies in cooperation with Angela Merkel in order to bring about a German Fourth Reich in Europe (there’s a reason protesters are burning Nazi flags in Greece).  For the cabal’s last-ditch plan to be successful the Euro nations must go deeper and deeper into debt under the German umbrella.  The banksters hope to exert pressure on Russia from the West via the European collapse, while the USA Corporation goes to war with China, via provocations from South Korea at the cabal’s behest. Result: chaos, mass bloodshed, famine, global depression, and the implementation of a police state to “save humanity from itself”  – the usual Illuminati recipe for controlling the planet.

Keenan put it succinctly: “This is their plan at this time to succeed and stay alive.  If not successful then they lose.”

But the Cabal has not reckoned on this sensitive intelligence reaching the ears of Neil Keenan. They have not reckoned on his all-out push to close off their financial spigot.  They have not reckoned on his exposure of this plot to the principal players whom the Cabal must deceive.  China will not be drawn into this web, and the US military has had enough of sacrificing blood and treasure to serve the corrupt elite.

In his latest video message (a Keenan classic, and well worth watching), NFK confirms the details of his escape shared in our last post.  This botched abduction (foiled with help from “the Family” and American good guys) turned out so badly for the Cabal that they have passed the word that there will be no more attempts.  Well, for now, of course, and these are vile liars and murderers we’re talking about: Neil will not exactly be letting his guard down, but at the moment, the coast appears to be clear.

So Keenan is back on the case: warning of new Cabal plots, sharing solid intel, and showing the way forward.  The gist of it is simple.  The Cabal’s basic strategy hasn’t changed for centuries: steal gold, trap people in debt, and start wars to maintain control.  But the jig is up and the people aren’t falling for it anymore.  Too many people are awake, too many nations are cooperating to stop them, and the Cabal’s failures are piling up.

The latest plot goes like this: George Soros, the Emperor of Japan, and the Rothschilds are working to convince South Korea to go along with selling 300,000 metric tons of gold to the Cabal.  These Global Collateral Account assets, of course, belong to the rightful depositors, primarily “The Family” (as the ancient Asian clan prefers to be known).   But the Family has its own agents, watchers, and enforcers, and they have let it be known that the would-be gold-grabbers will suffer “disappearances” if they persist in this planned crime.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Elders who have guarded Account assets for decades are under intense Cabal pressure to surrender the gold, and are now in immediate danger of violent coercion from Japanese thugs under the authority of Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Abe, who have returned to Rothschild domination.  These wise and gentle people (for the most part persons of high integrity) are a national treasure, and deserve protection.  Keenan offers reassurance that security will soon be in place for the Elders, who have long been neglected as they’ve shouldered their burden of guardianship.

Once the corrupt oligarchs have succeeded in drowning the nations of Europe in debt, the European Union cabalists intend to exacerbate tensions with Russia as a prelude to a conflict with China.  The question being – who does the cabal think will fight this war for them?  False flags don’t work anymore (whose idea was that Internet thing, anyway?), the military has turned against them.

But it’s all they know how to do.  Humanitarian programs, international harmony, and environmental restoration are not exactly their strong suits.  Deception, depradation, and degeneration are their primary skill sets, so, hey, what can you expect?

Neil Keenan offers thanks to the military guys and Family representatives who helped save his life – and has some advice for them as well.  We need to take back our world.  It’s time to put these people out of business and behind bars where they belong.

Meanwhile, Nelu is not forgotten – Neil met with his friend in prison today, and reports that his spirits are good, and his hopes are high.  We may have more to report on that score soon.

So take eighteen minutes out of your day, and step into Neil Keenan’s office in Jakarta.  Good for  solid news, and (as always) some genuine hope.

And, oh yes, there’s a special message for Aussie globalist prime minister Tony Abbott, courtesy of Lou Costello. “Hey, Abbott!  The world knows who you really are…”

Michael Henry Dunn

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