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Author Topic: THE PHOTON BELT ... You can dam a stream and you can dam a river but you cant dam a tidal wave
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Post THE PHOTON BELT ... You can dam a stream and you can dam a river but you cant dam a tidal wave
on: October 22, 2012, 05:14


Left side=tree of knowledge...right side=tree of life

Ancients say these cycles are sometimes disrupted by a storm of fire and brimstone, and an ancient meaning of brimstone was the purifying "breath of god".

People don't use their left brains much now to begin with; lamestream culture, including new age hype surrounding 2012, focuses on mystery and faith in authorities.

It's not about infotainment, it's about raw data; not about self-serving reasoning, it's about consistent application of logic; not wishful thinking, it's about common sense.


The singular theme that seems to bind almost all the symbolism and literature of religion together is light. This light is represented in the material world by the sun itself and in the spiritual sphere by the holy inner light. In fact the exterior light of the sun and the interior light of the holy spirit seems to be almost interchangeable at will (by the symbolism of for example the eye in the triangle) and the interior light is even referred to as the second sun. This obsession can be seen to have originated in large part during the 18th dynasty reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. There are quite obviously earlier origins but the ideas seem to have gotten codified and integrated to a large extent at this point in history.

Another way this light is sometimes represented is as the snake, seen on statues of pharaohs like Akhenatens, at the third eye chakra (or Ajna chakra) point in the middle of the forehead.

The snake can be seen as the kundalini energy awakened at the base of the spine and sent through the chakras by doing intense meditation and yoga and or psychedelic drugs. These concepts are ones that are more often connected to the Yogi’s of India and it is interesting to find them represented here in Egypt. Further many shamans all over the world, but more specifically the Amazonian shaman, connect the serpent with the teacher gods or snake space entities. You can find these concepts about snake teachers being discussed at length in Jeremy Narby’s “The Cosmic Serpent”. I believe the snake teachers connect with the inner light concept through the attainment of cosmic consciousness by accessing information directly through the DNA during intense ecstatic states and then attributing this DNA knowledge with coiled snakes due to the pictorial similarity between the DNA double helix and the coiled serpents.

I also believe that the secret societies have in the past and do quite probably today use psychedelic plants to access higher states and contact “The Great White Brotherhood” or the “Inner Head” located at the third eye point or pineal gland. Some of these people do probably believe they contact beings outside of themselves, others believe they speak to facets of thier own higher self. More astutely (in my opinion) people like Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson saw these phenomena as a mixture of both. My point here is to show again that symbolic light can be connected to internal or external phenomena depending on how the individual interprets the experience of cosmic consciousness. The secret society symbols show this time and time again like the caduceus. The caduceus with its winged disc symbolizing at the same time both the inner and outer suns.

The use of sacred symbols in the mainstream media is part of a bigger secret society “uber” ritual playing itself out in the theatre of the “real” world today. The Earth itself with its billions of people, cities and countries being the magickal elements in a giant mega ritual moved around by illuminated forces. If this sounds alarming to you, good, we have to recognize this and take the power we have given these folks back into our own hands!

All things that come into being have a reason for their existence although intellectual lethargy, together with the passage of time, assists many fallacies to appear before us in the guise of fact.

All that is required for a historical lie to be accepted as historical truth is the passage of historical time. This particular phenomenon has been, and continues to be, on the minds of the world’s most devious myth-mongers who seek to further the deceptive industry of their predecessors. Those who have arranged the subject of history so that men see what they are meant to see and so that they know only that which they are meant to know, are profoundly aware of how the simple passage of time aids them in their heinous work.

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