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Author Topic: World Constitution vs Jesus King of Kings
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Post World Constitution vs Jesus King of Kings
on: November 22, 2012, 03:34

Zechariah 14 says all nations will come against Israel, and 2 thirds will be slain or captured. Then in the next verse is where Jesus returns for his kingdom, and he will destroy those nations who fought against Israel.

I'm sorry to break the bad news folks, but he isn't coming to be elected by the people for some 4 year term. Hes coming to judge the world, and be its everlasting KING. Yes thats right, a KING.

Since when has voting by the masses ever lead to anything good? It's not voting we need, its righteousness. It's the ability to find the correct answer in all situations, but that doesn't mean theres no room for voting. Sometimes rule by majority is good, a lot of times it isn't. Especially when most of the people are asleep. On the contrary, the hidden hand is able to influence the masses of sheep and then turn the blame over to the sheep themselves. There are plenty of scenarios where the majority is going to choose the wrong thing.

Same with religion. It isn't about freedom to worship idols, it's about getting to the truth. Religion is the reason things are screwed up in the first place. Religions are externalizations of esoteric mysteries and cultural politics, which when solved become a proper science. This be happy worship whatever you want is only serving the agenda of the churches and their false doctrines.

What we need not is not peace. We need him to come... with a sword. We need a war to end all wars. Sound radical? You bet it is.

Jesus was against the Pharisees of his day. Pharisee Judaism is the oral tradition of the Rabbis, which includes Drakes family, unfortunately. Yes, hes from the Rabbis, and he was a minister. The problem is, only Karaite Jews actually obey the Torah. The oral tradition is completely against it. It's vain traditions and commandments of men who make up their own doctrines, same with Catholicism and Christianity: recycled paganism. Same with Islam, which was influenced and partly created by the Vatican.

This Jesuit Catholic controlled beast of America, this Freemasonic nation of platos republic, would spread its ineffective void constituion of poisonous legalities to the world. Well, maybe that isn't right for everyone.

Worldwide, the kings have drunk the wine of fornication of the vatican, the illuminati, the jesuits, the masons, the secret societies of the hidden hand. Thats why they are now evil.

But a world that is absolutely free will inevitably find itself in opposition to what the Bible says will happen, and in those days it will be fundamental believers who are considered the enemy of mankind. This is the globalist agenda. Unmistakably so.

The new age divine feminine + world wide consitution = denial of the masculine principle: the king. At the top of this plot is none other then the Jezebel spirit herself. the queen of heaven witchcraft goddess Mary, whose name means rebellious.

2 Esdras also has God saying the people will not obey their kings. Although the Bible predicts the other new age doctrines, Ascension (Luke 20, Mark 12) timelessness (Revelation) Oneness, (There will be one Lord and his name one) etc, there is also the wrath of God. Isaiah 24, the world is burned and few men left because they changed the ordinance, transgressed the laws, and have broken the everlasting covenant.

This is the real reason why Drake would separate you from the Bible, but there is no amount of corruption that can change the total theme of every parable and every prophecy: That of the restoration of Israel as a righteous everlasting KINGdom.

Tyrants have discovered that tyranny is far more effective through a Republic then through a monarchy or dictatorship. It's also more in tune with nature. Everything is done by consent. Majority rule will always equal fail because when is the majority ever right? Everything is in tune with the Pyramid. Just as gold is more precious then lead in the earth, you have the few who are talented in any given enterprise at the top, and far more that are not. So it is with morality.

Not to be unpatriotic. A genuine free people is better then tyranny any day, but a truly righteous kingdom is even better then that. I would like to see America genuinely free, but in my 32 years of life I have only seen a confusing mess of endless legalities and blind enslaved majority of slaves echoing the control of the hidden hand.

Show the world what an effective free people is, if it is possible. King George played both sides of the Revolutionary war. The truth is, America never was free, at least not for long. America is owned by Britain and the Vatican. The Pope can change any law in this country. We the people are not an actual party to the constitution.

To see a genuine constitution things would have to change in a very radical way and people will need to be awake so as to avoid one being put over on us again. I see still endless red tape and complications, but if it does work out, I'll tell you right now, I'm a double agent. I work for Jesus and when he returns I'll turn to his side in a heartbeat.

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