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Author Topic: Please read this...
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Post Please read this...
on: July 19, 2012, 22:32

Hello Friends,
I am an American who has reached the limit of patience. We in the United States have a foreign agent posing as the leader of the free world and has lead us to the very brink of totalitarianism and ruin, not only here in the uS, but the entire world. Many want to sit back and let the aliens, the government, Jesus or the 12th Mahdi magically arrive in the nick of time and take care of the responsibility that is ours to perform. We're not alone however, that some of us know. Our back is covered. The future is much to bright and we are to many to let a few greedy oligarchs and their subjects literally steal it from us. I can't do it alone, you can't do it alone but here is my first tiny volley. I'm sending the following message to every website, newspaper, member of congress, lawyer and public prosecutor I can muster. Please pass this message to anyone who feels the need to do something, anything. The power of the internet is multiplied exponentially when the truth is apparent. This is the fastest and most direct way we can all finish what we started. . This message was posted on the Yahoo questions forum today. It's my first small shot across the bow...

How do we seek justice?
Anyone, of ANY political persuasion who has followed all of Sheriff Arpaio's recent investigation of President Obama's eligibility to serve as President AND who has the sibilance of an open mind can deduce that there is at least the possibility that we have a foreign agent posing as our President. We owe it to our ancestors as well as our children to put this to rest one way or the other. Guilty or innocent, should we bury our heads in the sand and serve the president or should we seek the real truth? Don't we owe history; don't we once and for all owe ALL of Creation justice? This affects every soul on our planet. Race, religion, political persuasion, sexual preference or country of origin are not the issue any more. The enemies behind this scandal are literally destroying all of us while we fight and bicker among ourselves! There is a real enemy. It's not some disembodied entity with power over the entire planet, these are real men and women. To eliminate the intolerable conditions that the vast majority of the planet now lives under we must first and foremost remove their primary means of control over us, the power to control the US presidency. Let's be first in the world to claim and take the freedom that we all were created to enjoy. Let's fire the big guns over their bow before they can retaliate...

I'm attaching links to both the March and July press conferences. Especially note the fear and the resulting striking out of the media at the end of both links. Many poorly informed people actually worship this guy as some kind of savior. They're terrified at the thought of it all being a lie. Even they are victims of the massive propaganda machine that has encircled the planet...

If there is anything that I can do to assist you or direct anyone to some particular information or source, please let me know. March July 17

The Bottom Line!


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