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!!!!! UPDATED: Down the Rabbit Hole, by Robert J. Miller

!!!!! UPDATED: Down the Rabbit Hole, by Robert J. Miller

Posted on January 16, 2014by Jean

JeanUPDATED by ~Jean

Permit me to say that as an editor I failed Robert. The story he wrote is terrific, but it was not the story I introduced. The story I introduced never actually materialized — for any number of reasons, which I do not think it necessary to state here.

In my mind, the thrust of the story hinged on establishing the ETs as a viable entity, even to those new to the subject. To understand the larger story, the very complex ET factor had to be explained in detail in order to be accepted without question, even by people who were on the edge of believing. Then the idea was to move on to Judy Wood’s research and point out the facts of the controversy over her work – as Robert did so well. 

The story I thought he was going to write, however, would have gone further. I wanted him to focus on in detail on that part of her research that I will call the bathtub effect/principle. Let me describe it briefly as I understand it, because it is quite simple. TheWorld Trade Center complex is built some seventy feet below the Hudson River in a ‘bathtub’. If atomic weapons were used to bring down the Towers, their particular kind of force would have destroyed the retaining wall, and the Hudson River would have flooded Manhattan. This is the single most obvious reason that atomic weapons were not used to bring down those Towers. Besides this fact, there also were no seismic readings — and it is possible, as well, at the link we provided to view slow motion footage of chunks and sections of the buildings literally dissolving in mid-air. 

Then, after explaining how molecular disassociation works, I wanted  to move to what I see as a rather obvious and logical conclusion: It is possible that radiation can easily be removed using this same technology; target radiation with the proper frequency, and it will simply ‘disappear.’  This could account for Ben Fulford’s never picking up radiation on his Geiger counter, while at the same time the rest of the planet is being inundated with it. 

The final rather huge bit of food-for-thought was my idea to suggest what the cabal could do with these DEWs in a dark way if they were given the time to develop the ability to target the whole of humanity. At the very end, I thought Rob would link this technology and many other technologies that are being hidden and suppressed, or now being used as weapons, to what we both see as their greatest positive use: the healing of our planet and all of humanity from the toxic physical effects of the matrix. 

I must ask Rob’s and your forgiveness and take responsibility for either 1) not changing my introduction, or 2) letting the story go out as it did. Since I am not a professional editor, and since the ET factor affects every aspect of our lives, and since this story was incredibly complex to write and still stay with the central theme, I don’t see that there is any reason not to admit my mistake. I do so in an effort to help everyone see the ‘real’ evil, which I believe we are facing. I think the goal of everyone here, including Rob and me, is to attempt to get the truth out for everyone to consider and understand.  If I made a mistake, I made a mistake, but I’m simply not going to let that stand in the way of trying to bring you what I see as a very ‘real’ truth.

In due time, Rob and I will update this article properly, but our goal was to get it out to you at the earliest possible time, because every day that goes by these people use this technology not to help humanity, but to enslave us as they continue to prepare their technological prison/cage for us.


I’m delighted to introduce to you Robert Miller, who like so many other wonderful, special people — such as our own dear Neil Keenan, came to me through my blog. He is deeply oriented spiritually and his words come from a place of inner power. I believe his work, presented here in the following article, is without doubt complementary to Neil’s work. If you follow it carefully, Robert has left no stone unturned, and this article has become an indictment of the cabal. The ‘real’ truth, as dark as it may be, when we dare to look at it has the possibility of healing us all and setting us free — as a nation and as a planet. Some of the words Robert didn’t include here are about the sense of trauma and total violation he felt as a small boy when he was forced to undergo the get-under-your-desk atom bomb drills that I as a teacher also had to supervise. He shared that as he grew up his father tried to teach him to be what he saw as manly, standing him on the wash hamper and boxing with him, teaching him how to hunt and fish, but all the while Robert knew even as a small boy that he could be forever wiped out by the senseless horror of an atomic bomb — as he knew had happened to so many others. Hopefully, the sense of violation that Robert felt has been healed by the writing of this article.

May this article, also provide the healing piece to the puzzle for all of us on this planet, who have been both knowingly and unknowingly traumatized by the cabal.

While I have worked to edit this piece with Robert and already had reached the understanding he shares in this article, the way he has linked these ideas to make sense of it all are fully his. He has been gifted with the ability to draw information together from separate, seemingly unrelated sources to form a shocking view of what the cabal likely has in store for us with their weapons of mass destruction if we remain asleep and allow it. At the same time, it should become apparent that these same weapons can be used in service to humanity to heal us and to heal our planet. 

We have worried together if his words are too much for the public to deal with, but I believe that I have argued successfully that while not everyone is going to be able to deal with the ‘real’ truth he proposes, that you, my readers, are at least ready to consider it. I think it is time to let the ‘dead bury the dead’ and to move forward, because I believe time is now of the essence and is no longer on our side; that is, we no longer have the luxury of time in which to allow the American people, and indeed the people of the entire planet, to awaken gradually from their slumber to the ‘real’ truth of 9/11.

I believe I also have argued successfully that there are people playing into the hands of the cabal, for whatever reason, while the much deeper and less obvious ‘real’ truth of 9/11 always evades us. It is this deeper truth that I believe is evading us that causes me to say that it is time to pull off the gloves and allow those who are able, to confront the possibility of what is being planned for our future. I believe it is the intention of the cabal to hit us fatally in a way they believe we will never see coming. I also strongly believe just the exposure of the deeper 9/11 truth to those who are ready to hear it will foil their attempt.

While this article probably could easily be a book, Robert and I both believe there isn’t time to write one now, but we believe it provides a foundational outline for further inquiry and reference. I suggest that if you have never really studied an article on my blog, you take the time now to do so, because I believe it is vital — in the most profound sense of that word — that you do so. If you can do this — and reach the conclusion Robert and I have reached, you will establish a level of consciousness that I believe will speed throughout the planet — and the sooner the better. I have concluded that all the chaos we are experiencing day-by-laborious-day is nothing but a distraction as it is merely giving the illuminati time to implement  their final strategy. Your knowledge, spread far and wide, will foil their most horrendous plans for us all.

I do not say these words lightly or without serious thought and inner contemplation.

Love and hugs,

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Robert reads the article, Part One

Robert reads the article, Part Two

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The American public, as well as the vast majority of people throughout the world have been deliberately and deceitfully kept in the dark. The truth which must be seen and set free is that there are, and have been, nefarious forces at play on the world stage for generations. Rule-by-secrecy is an intricate and vital part to their survival. Exposure is their nemesis.

Here in the United States of America our so-called ‘federal government’ is beyond corrupt, it has been hijacked and turned into an instrument of evil. Everything being done in the name of ‘national security’ and affordable healthcare is designed to corral, control, and eventually kill us. Our individual rights and liberties have been literally stripped from us, and the NSA and a long list of other alphabet agencies track and record our every move — all achieved and enforced in the name of national security. Yes,  ‘transnational corporate security’ — where big business is in bed with the government, and those at the top use fear, greed and intimidation — even murder, to achieve and retain secrecy and their exalted positions. They are all members of an “elite ruling class society”, and let us never be fooled into thinking they have our best interests at heart.

War, propaganda/mind control, genocide, and blackmail are their favorite tools. Intentional problem-reaction-solution scenarios are created to cull and convince the masses they need more toxic controls, leading them to their own demise. Massive amounts of radioactive waste and petrochemical poisons hemorrhage in our oceans, and each day tons of toxic chemicals are deliberately released into the atmosphere, while the corporate-owned and corporate-controlled mainstream media sits back and does little if anything to report it. They have been hijacked just like the government, and their high-paid pundits and shills report how and what they’re told — or are compromised or murdered.

The Financial and Medical industries are strictly monitored and controlled. The banks print money out of thin air, and medical discoveries and advanced technologies to cure cancer and extend life are kept hidden for only those with the right bloodline or bank book.

Free energy systems and technologies that could clean and restore the planet are intentionally suppressed — put in a vault or a deep underground bunker until such time as their main objective, which is to eliminate the majority of mankind and enslave the rest in a technological prison, is achieved.

Let’s explore our recent past to see how arrogance, ignorance, and indifference have led us to where we are today. Two key events in American history open the gate of understanding. Those two events are most certainly the most infamous days in our history. Need I even name them?

coup d’état here in the United States took place in Dallas November 22, 1963 with the assassination of our 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, an incredible loss for America as well as the rest of the world. JFK was murdered by rogue elements within our own Central Intelligence Agency. His killers acted on behalf of what was then referred to as the military-industrial complex. Yet now more than half-a-century later the official government position remains the same: a lone ‘nut’ assassin blew his head off from a six story window in a Dallas, Texas book depository.

As significantly, it has been more than twelve years since the attack on 9/11 and the majority of the American people still accept the official government version of what occurred on that fateful day: Osama bin Laden did it along with nineteen radical Islamist hijackers with box cutters.

Understanding the JFK assassination is critical to understanding the larger picture, because it is the point at which our government was hijacked. Just as importantly it confirms that our government not only lies, but that those in power will go to any length to achieve their objectives. In 1963, JFK was murdered by rogue elements within our own Central Intelligence Agency. His killers acted on behalf of what has been referred to as the military-industrial complex that then thereby became the government. The American people have been without a real President since, because now Presidents are selected not elected. Those nefarious forces earlier mentioned were with us then and are still with us today.

Let’s travel back in time just prior to JFK’s inauguration. Incumbent President Dwight D. Eisenhower made his famous farewell address to the American people in which he strongly warned of the unchecked growth and influence of the military-industrial complex. This was the central point of his final address to the nation: Beware of the military-industrial complex. In other words, he was telling us that things were either already out-of-control or they were quickly headed in that direction.

JFK may or may not have known the depth and breadth of this emerging threat or even of its existence prior to assuming the Presidency. His inauguration speech, however, indicated the integrity of his vision, and his actions immediately upon assuming the Presidency indicate that he was doing everything in his power to seize back control. The most significant areas he addressed were militarily and monetarily focused. He went directly after the Federal Reserve by issuing Executive Order 11110 to coin and print our own Treasury-backed-currency, backed (redeemable) for silver; went after the steel and oil industries demanding that they pay their fair share in taxes; refused against the strong behest of his advisors to invade Cuba and thus avoided a possible nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union during what has been called the Cuban Missile Crisis, and he was vehemently opposed to escalating American involvement in Vietnam. Additionally, he extended an olive branch to the Soviet Union by offering to join hands in peace and explore space and travel to the moon together. These facts seen together indicate a direct assault on the military-industrial complex.

Within two hours after JFK’s assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was installed in his place. LBJ wasted little time stopping and reversing Kennedy’s policies. He gassed up  the military-industrial machine and put the pedal to the metal. In March of 1964, just four months after JFK’s assassination, while Executive Order 11110 was never rescinded, Kennedy’s ’silver certificate’ currency was no longer redeemable, thus the silver backed currency became fiat — the same as Federal Reserve Note currency. This act kept us locked in and tied to the Federal Reserve. The oil and steel industries were given back their tax breaks; the Vietnam conflict became a full blown war finally ending in 1975; and the Cold War with the Soviets was the public excuse for covert, counterinsurgency wars throughout the globe — leading us through to George H. W. Bush’s Presidency and ‘his’ Desert Storm.

There is much more to the story and much more to explain in order to fully understand the true motives and world machinations of the cabal. Vital to understanding the full picture is our need to know what really happened on 9/11, and, specifically, what technique was deployed to destroy the Twin Towers and other buildings in the World Trade Center complex where over 3000 American lives were sacrificed.

It would seem on the surface that these horrific events could be understood in a geopolitical context, but to truly know and understand what is really happening today we must look deeper into the facts and possibilities. We must heed the words of JFK and be willing to investigate and penetrate into the world of secret societies and their origins. We must be willing to enter an alternative reality where nothing is real and everything is real. A universe of ultimate possibility.

I invite you to travel with me down the rabbit hole from Kansas into the real Land of Oz. I will bring you safely back home again.

The 1947 Roswell incident really happened. There had been plenty of recorded UFO sightings throughout world history prior to Roswell, but what makes the Roswell crash so significant is that the US and Russian militaries had already started playing with Galactic matches. American President Harry Truman’s decision to go ahead and drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, ending World War II was a cosmic violation — an alarm which brought a lot of ET attention to Mother Earth. You can’t fool with Mother Nature and splitting atoms (fission — that is, tearing apart) is definitely crossing the line.


President Harry S. Truman, newly in office at the time of the incident, was told that the crash in New Mexico had occurred and was faced with a huge decision. Initial reports by the military coming out of Roswell immediately following the incident were that in fact there had been a flying ‘disk’ that crashed there. Within hours, however, those reports were changed. This was the ultimate point of ‘Truth or Consequences.’

In fairness to Truman we have to look at things standing in his shoes. Impossible to do, but we can acknowledge some of the geopolitical and social facts and circumstances of the day influencing his decision of nondisclosure. The fact that less than two years before he had led his country successfully through a global conflict in which nearly 50 million people were killed, many of whom were civilian women and children — a significant percentage of whose deaths he was personally responsible for — probably factored heavily in his decision.

Additionally, the US had begun a massive campaign to rebuild Europe under the Marshall Plan, became involved in a NATO conflict in Korea, and the Soviet Communists were not very happy with the West. We must also remember that hundreds of thousands of returning G.I.s needed housing and healing from the horrors of war, and the last thing Truman himself needed was to have to inform the American public a flying ‘disk’ had just crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Faced with the daunting reality of direct alien contact, committees were formed, agencies created, and departments renamed, all in an effort to control, contain, and to gain from the Extra Terrestrial connection. Every area of our societal experience, domestically and internationally has been fundamentally and profoundly influenced by the ET presence — and Truman’s subsequent decision of nondisclosure. Truman’s choice to withhold the truth of alien contact from the American people and the continuing chain of refusal to acknowledge it by the following administrations is the reason why humanity stands today — on the brink of extinction.

There it is! This is the big, deep, dark secret, the specific reason behind all of the world machinations that have occurred since.

Truman was probably correct in his decision not to tell the public. He had good reason not to do so. He had entered the world of politics when he was fifty years old. He had been in that world for only ten years before he was approached to run with Roosevelt, which would make Harry Truman President Roosevelt’s third Vice President on his unprecedented fourth and final ticket. Roosevelt and Truman were elected and sworn into office in January ’45 — and by April Roosevelt was dead.

Truman was not told about the Manhattan Project until he was sworn in as President. In May 1945, one month after assuming the presidency the first atom bomb was exploded in a test run at the Los Alamos, New Mexico development site. Three months later, two more atom bombs were deployed and exploded just above Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, and within days the Japanese surrendered and World War II was officially over.

Nazi Germany’s Third Reich had already surrendered in May, and the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to secure Nazi technologies and treasures had already begun. US intelligence services were commissioned with locating and recruiting the most precious resource of all — the scientists and intelligence officers and engineers whose work had nearly won the war for Germany. This project was code named Operation Paperclip and was responsible for the recruitment to America of hundreds if not thousands of German scientists, intelligence officers, and engineers. Among those scientists was Werner von Braun, developer of the V1 and V2 rocket systems, which terrorized London in 1944-45. For our purposes here, we must note  and acknowledge that von Braun was a Nazi SS Officer, and the Nazi party’s origins and philosophies are based in the occult.

Von Braun, with Jack Parsons founder of JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratories and a disciple of occultist Alistair Crowley, along with his recruited team of over one hundred Nazi scientists, was to later become the first center director of NASA.

During the war, Nazi scientists utilized concentration camp prisoners as slave labor to develop various types of weapons of mass destruction. The US, Soviets, and Japanese were not the only ones playing with atomic technology. The Germans had also been working on and were close to completing a weapon that was based on antigravity physics, called The Bell, which was considered by Adolf Hitler to be even more important than jet propulsion weaponry, i.e., V1 and V2 rockets and the atomic bomb itself.

It’s important here to see the split between the emergence and development of the two different types of technology — one is rocket science and one is anti-gravity physics. We will later directly reference them to 9/11 and the present split within the 9/11-Truther community.

Yes,  9/11 was an inside job, but the Twin Towers were not caused to disappear into dust in mid air using kinetic explosives such as nano-thermite, super nano-thermite or mini-nuclear devices.

We will return to the 9//11 weaponry issue later, on the way back up to solid ground.

Right now, it’s important to talk about money — or at least ask ourselves where Japan and Germany’s Third Reich got all the money to fund and build their colossal war machines. Germany was bankrupt after World War I. Its currency was worthless. Then, the $64,000 question must be, “Who funded the National Socialist party — and how was their colossal Nazi war machine financed?”

Documentation exists confirming that Germany was funded at least in part by the huge shipments of gold bullion sent from the United States by the Federal Reserve Bank, beginning in 1932. Our own Neil F. Keenan meticulously documents these shipments in his most recent article, THE KEENAN TEAM REPORTS: THE FED FRAUD | The European-Controlled Creature That’s Bled Us for 100 Years

(See also the book, Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.)

It then behooves us to question the motives behind the Federal Reserve’s shipment of this gold boullion to Germany. Also a more important question might be where the Federal Reserve itself got this amount gold bouillon to begin with. Additionally, an abundance of available information implicates the US Senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush, who was the father of G.H.W. Bush, in a banking scandal during World War II, which involved channeling money to the Nazis. It is also interesting to note that Prescott Bush was by profession a banker.

Prescott Bush and Nixon

Prescott Bush and Nixon

On the other hand, Japan plundered China to fund their own war effort. This brief article details exactly how it was accomplished: 1937-1941:  Golden Lily, The Second Sino-Japanese War, The Rape of Nanking, and World War II. The Japanese, who before the war were very strong trading partners of the US, were involved in a war with China at the time they bombed the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had been militarily engaged fighting the Chinese since 1931. It developed into a full-blown war in 1937, four years before Pearl Harbor, nearly a decade before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He who owns the gold makes the rules; ‘Money’ backs both sides. To fully understand modern global/financial machinations we must also understand the difference between fiat currency and gold-backed currency. This is imperative to our understanding the motive behind both World Wars. The United States, as the victor in World War II, made the US dollar the world’s reserve currency, and required that all oil transactions be made using US dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. The implications of these facts seen in a geo-political, global perspective are enormous.

Ultimately, money has to be backed by something tangible. Empires were built on plunder and trade, and until the time of the Industrial Revolution, China had accumulated massive amounts of gold dating back to the Ming Dynasty and trade routes along the Silk Road. At the genesis of the industrial revolution the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Warburgs, and other attendees of the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting decided that world currency had to be shifted from gold to oil in order for them to maintain their power, and the Federal Reserve Bank was created. When oil, known as black gold, was discovered in the State of Pennsylvania in 1859 and with subsequent development of the combustible engine, designed to use oil, the Industrial Revolution in the USA and Europe was ignited. This also explains why the US and Britain, the last great Empire, joined hands in exploiting the Middle East to plunder their oil — and continue to do so to this day! These industrialists also realized they had to create wars in order to destroy countries to force them to come to them for the necessary oil to rebuild. This is economic problem-reaction-solution.

In essence, THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION in collaboration with the FEDERAL RESERVE is truly the great evil of which they have been accused.

This is another reason why there has been suppression and intransigence to the introduction and utilization of free-energy and advanced technology conversion.

Okay, grab some rabbit-hole muck as a souvenir to prove we actually went to the bottom of the rabbit hole; it’s time to head back up onto solid ground and out into the sunlight!

Since 1947, the elite have morphed from a breakaway society into what may be more accurately described now as a breakaway civilization. Truman’s decision not to disclose the ET presence was the genesis of this breakaway civilization: a separately evolving, covert, technically advanced community of people with trillions of dollars of resources siphoned off from us, their global host society. This very autocratic, even fascist elite use fear and greed and intimidation — even mass murder to control world events and enslave mankind for their own survival. While much of the breakaway civilization is centered in the United States, it has integrated itself into allied governments all around the globe. It is what President Eisenhower called in his farewell address the military-industrial complex, warning us then of its presence.

In traveling up to solid ground let’s note briefly — in reverse order — the major points we’ve discovered: 1) WWII was suspiciously funded, and subsequent to the war itself the United States Federal Reserve Note became the world’s reserve currency; 2) in 1946, via Project Paperclip, Nazi scientists were brought to America; 3) In 1947, ETs crashed in Roswell, New Mexico; 4) In 1963, JFK was assassinated; 5) On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was attacked; 6) We, the American people, are today under more restrictions and controls than at any time in our history.

Werner von Braun and his team arrived in America in 1946, just in time for the Roswell incident. He and his team, which included scientists from the anti-gravity Bell Project, were immediately called in to begin to reverse engineer the ET technology. Majestic 12 (MJ12), a Committee composed of top military personnel and civilian industrialists, was formed to interface with the ETs and develop ET technologies. In 1958, NASA was created as a front for the secret space program, which had already been in existence for twelve years. JFK assumed the Presidency in January 1961, and began immediately to seize control from the military-industrial complex, which, based on ET technology, had become by then a breakaway civilization.

Essentially the breakaway civilization was born in 1947 when US President Truman chose not to disclose the ET presence, and it effectively broke away from all constitutional accountability. The birth of the civilization itself, and its continued development, including the secret space program, required massive financial and human resources in order to both conceal and sustain it.

Let us keep in mind that most of the world’s gold is in Asia, primarily China. Therefore, an alternative monetary system, essentially backed by oil and paid for in US reserve currency, had to be sustained and maintained by creating an artificial global supply-and-demand economy. Millions of people murdered, millions more lives destroyed, and cultures and infrastructures devastated — all to keep continuing advanced technological development and the breakaway civilization secret.

The emergence and the exponential trajectory of the breakaway civilization in relation to the rest of humanity can be seen and understood ironically by visualizing the launch of one of Werner von Braun’s rockets — as technology and time were joined for the breakaway civilization and launched vertically, leaving the American people, as well as the rest of humanity, out and behind.

No event could make this point more evident than the attacks on the American people on September 11, 2001, when the cabal declared to the world their ultimate intention and the lengths to which they are willing to go to achieve it. They want us all dead or in a technological prison.

9/11 was the ultimate example of a false flag, problem-reaction-solution scenario. It’s a blueprint pattern of those whose ultimate goal is to corral, control, and kill us. The ultimate example and violation took place in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is imperative that the American people, as well as all of humanity wake up and see how diabolical these ‘people’ really are.

Thank God for former Governor and US Navy Seal, Jesse Ventura, who is the only person with significant celebrity who has had the courage and integrity to stand up and publicly advocate for the work of Dr. Judy Wood. Dr. Wood, who holds degrees in physics and mechanical sciences, has researched the 9/11 attacks, beginning almost immediately after the event. She published her startling findings in 2010 in a book entitled Where Did the Towers Go?

It is the only comprehensive forensic investigation to date in the public domain, and it is overwhelmingly conclusive as to what actually occurred on that fateful day to the World Trade Center complex. After a summary of the physical evidence, her conclusion is that advanced technology, Directed Energy Weapons, (DEWs), were deployed on 9/11.

Her research and conclusions cannot be disputed.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.44.25 AM

Click Here to view Dr. Woods site.

Her investigative research, however, is deliberately being suppressed. It’s mind-boggling that after more than twelve years the majority of the American people still accept the official version of 9/11 — either in theory, or in indifference. The most disturbing aspect of this lack of interest and/or response is the fact that the “9/11-Truther Movement” itself is largely to blame for this state. Many who have been involved in the movement for years, especially in a leadership role, either cannot or will not open themselves to a view of an alternate possibility and reality, a reality in which “Molecular Disassociation” exists — and the “bad guys” use advanced hidden technology to achieve their nefarious goals.

The concept of molecular disassociation is easy to understand when put in laymen’s terms. Disassociation occurs when like atoms repel from one another. Every compound has its own frequency and therefore can be energetically targeted and caused to disassociate. This is the reason that steel melted and twisted; concrete turned to dust — and paper didn’t burn because it wasn’t in the frequency range.

The cabal is desperate to keep these facts from coming to light. To have Dr. Wood’s findings revealed en masse would be a ‘Death Blow’ to the cabal and to the further construction of their Technological ‘Death Star’ grid.

(At minute thirty-seven and for about one minute Woods explains the term molecular disassociation. From there go to minute fifty-seven where she explains more of the focus of a specific field. This part is very informative and lasts for 3-4 minutes.)

The technology and the finances clearly exists to clean our planet, feed the hungry, and extend quality healthcare to every human being on the face of the earth!

We started this discussion by citing two examples that would lead us to a greater understanding of what is really happening on our planet today: The assassination of JFK and the attacks on September 11, 2001. Since that time there have been what we have been programmed to believe are tragic acts of God, such as Fukushima and Hurricane Sandy. However, the massive destruction and loss of life on 9/11 as well as the nightmares of Fukushima and Hurricane Sandy were the result of advanced technologies used as weapons that do include weather manipulation technologies. These technologies have been derived from the Roswell incident and subsequent collaboration and reverse engineering of ET technology.

Advanced weapons of mass destruction were deployed and utilized on the sacred soil of the United States of America on September 11, 2001. The perpetrators and the guilty must be held accountable.